Milonchori – Bandarban

Bandarban is a favorite name for lovers of leisure, pleasure, travel and adventure . Tourist city Bandarban district has 11 small ethnic groups living here. There is a huge variety in food, starting from customs, culture and festivals. The diversity of this district is not only limited to the people living here but also every place of Bandarban district is very diverse and attractive. Nature has decorated Bandarban with the sweetness of its mind. So if you want to touch the natural beauty wrapped in green, unobstructed greenery and touch the clouds, come to Bandarban, the daughter of the hill.

This Milonchori is on the way to Shail Prapat or Chimbuk , 3 km southeast of the hill town Bandarban . The road on the top of the hill, standing next to it, the play of lush greenery at the eastern end, and the river called Sangu flowing in a spiraling motion through the chest of green nature is an enchanting beauty. This is like a rare painting painted on the canvas of nature .

No need to worry about where to stay in Milonachhari as you will find Hill Side Resort here. For more details contact – Phone: 01556539022, 01730045083

How to get there

There is no need to go here separately for the purpose of Milonachhari. Because  on the way to Shail PrapatNilgiri or Chimbuk , you can stop at the side of the road and walk to Milonchhari.

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Updated: June 19, 2023

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