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Mermaid Eco Resort is one of the most beautiful resorts which is located outside Dhaka. Mermaid Eco Resort is a haunt of dreamy beauty. The resort is built on a natural lap on Owl Island (pechar dwip) in Cox’s Bazar.

Tamarix forest (Zhaoban) enriched the sea beach on one side, high hills on the other side. The 84 km long Cox’s Bazar Marine Drive road runs through the center to Teknaf. On the west side of the road (adjacent to the Reju canal) is the concealed island of Pencharadia village. Owl Island (phechar dbip) is a paradise for travelers. There you can enjoy a still environment where no one will bother you.

Mermaid Eco Resort is situated right next to the Rejubridge, a CNG-powered auto rickshaw from Kalatali of Cox’s Bazar can take you there. The main attraction of this resort is that everything is made naturally. When you look through from the road, you can see many small and big huts behind the trees. The houses here are made of roofed bamboo and canopy in such a way that it does not exceed the height of the trees. The windows and doors of the resort bungalows are enlarged and opened wide so that guests can enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of mother nature . While going down the slope of the main road, a sweet sound starts to play with the ears coming from the reservoirs on both sides.

Right after reaching the reception room, someone will hand you a bunch of colorful flowers. Then comes the welcome drink, the green coconut! freshly plucked from the tree. In between while enjoying the coconut water you can get done with all your reservation related signatures and formalities to check in. “ROAD LOVER SQUAD” Hard to remember the name of the bungalow where the accommodation was arranged. The remaining 30 villas and bungalows have similar tough names.

But the villas of the resort are really good for peace of mind. Though from the outer side it looks like a cottage, on the inside it has all the modern conveniences. The moment you enter the washroom everything feels better. You can find handmade Shampoo stored in glass containers covered with green tree leaves.instead of market shampoo filled in plastic bottles. The decoration is really eye soothing, wood roses are planted on each side, Soaps and shampoos are arranged in a long coconut shell. Mermaid Eco Resort has used as little as possible, all the things that are harmful to the environment. All the bungalows have been built while maintaining the natural environment of (pechar dwip)Owl Island. Yoga centers, spas, boat trips, conference rooms, theaters everything is available in this eco-friendly leisure center. Architect Ziauddin Khan designed the original Mermaid Eco Resort.

A complete solitary place where there is no civil noise or shouting. When the midday sun died and you sat on the bamboo bench in front of the cottage, the soul & mind became calm and stress free . This time is also quite good for going out on a boat trip. After walking through the rows of bungalows and coconut trees, you can find the banks of Reju canal. There, the water of the Reju canal( a branch of the sea) has just started turning blue. Bahari Sampan floated by, where the boat will stop at one of the unknown floating lands . A flock of red crabs will run away as soon as you set foot on the sand. Shaking head in the swing of the south wind, the huge jhaubon (Tamarix forest) will greet him. Then stroll around the lonely beach, lost in joy. You will have no clue when the day has just passed. On the way back, even though the evening has passed, there is no harm.

No matter how hurried you are , you will miss a lot if you don’t sit on the deck of the boat club. Full moon in the sky, huge sea water in front. All areas are drowning in astonishing silence. If you want, stay leaning till late at night, no one to bother you.

How to get there ?

From Kalatali in Cox’s Bazar, you can take a CNG-powered auto rickshaw to Owl Island (pechar dwip) rent will be around 200 TK. Besides, CNG can be taken directly from Cox’s Bazar Airport. It will take only 20 minutes.

Where will you stay?

There are many types of bungalows at Mermaid Eco Resort. However, bungalow booking has to be arranged before reaching there(pre-reservation ). There are 30 cottages in this resort. The cottages here have different categories of rooms. Room rent for cottages in the first category is 2,500 to 6,000 taka and in the second category is 8,000 to 16,000 taka. The resort has all the facilities of a three star hotel.


Phone: +80 01841416464-9.

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Updated: September 16, 2021

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