Maynamati War Cemetery – Comilla

Maynamati War Cemetery is the graveyard of Indian (then) and British soldiers killed in World War II (1939-1945). It was built in 1943-1944. This war mausoleum is located very close to Comilla Cantonment , about 7 km from Comilla city . The cemetery was established by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) and they manage the cemetery. Every year in November, an annual prayer meeting is held here with religious leaders of all religions.

Although Mainamati was a small village at that time, it became a major army base. A large hospital is established here. Besides, Comilla was a field for the supply of war equipment, air bases, and the headquarters of the 14th Army before it was shifted to Imphal in 1944.

There are 736 graves in this cemetery. Most of them were the dead soldiers of the hospital at that time. Moreover, some bodies were transferred from different places after the war and buried here. According to the force, there are 3 sailors, 567 soldiers and 166 pilots. A total of 723 people were identified.

There is an archway at the entrance of the cemetery, on the inner wall of which a history is inscribed in English and Bengali. Inside is a wide path directly in front, with rows of tombs on either side. According to the religion of the soldiers, their tombstones have names, dates of death, surnames as well as religious symbols – the cross on the Christian tombstone, the Arabic inscription on the tombstone of the Muslims (eg: Huwal Gafur) are notable.

There is an altar with a staircase straight in front of the path, and the cross adorned  on it, the sacred symbol of Christianity. There are two more arched rooms on either side of the altar. All these arched houses lead to the back of the cemetery. There are also many more tombstones. In the middle of every two tombstones, one flower tree is being decorated. Besides, there are many trees in the whole cemetery. There is an exceptional tomb next to the wide path in front of the cemetery, where a place is surrounded by 23 tombstones together. The site was originally a mass grave of 23 airmen, with inscriptions.

How to get to Comilla –

Comilla – Comilla station can be reached by train from Dhaka, Sylhet, Chittagong, Chandpur, Noakhali etc., get off at Comilla and come to Kandirpar by auto-rickshaw or rickshaw, then go to the following location and will charge 10 taka per person. Learn about train fares from the railway station’s own website.

You can come by bus from Dhaka to Comilla –
From Dhaka Jatrabari you can come by Asia Transport, Asia Line or Tisha Transport (there are both AC, non-AC), Royal Coach from Kamalapur with air conditioning. Royal Coach is very comfortable but slow. Ride up on any of them, on your way to Comilla  you will see Buriganga Bridge, Meghna Bridge, Daudkandi Bridge and the morning sun on both sides of the road will amaze you. You will not need anything else to please a nature-loving eye.Enjoying the view you will come to Comilla Cantonment.Rent will be up to 200-250 taka. It will take 2 to 2.5 hours.

From Chittagong you will take Comilla- By Saudia Transport (AC, Non-AC) come to Comilla’s Paduar Bazar main road and take another bus to Comilla Cantonment, the fare will be 200-250 taka. It will take 2.5 to 3 hours. Or you can go directly to the cantonment by any other bus.

As soon as you go down to the cantonment, if you ask anyone, they direct you to Maynamati War Cemetery.

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Updated: October 2, 2021

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