Matai Pukhuri – Khagrachari

Matai Pukhuri (Matai Pukhuri ) is a natural lake spread over an area of ​​5 and a half acres above sea level in Nunchhari mouza of Mahalchhari upazila of Khagrachari hill district,to bengali speakers and tourist the lake is better known as the pond of the gods. This sacred reservoir, lying vertically east-west, is about one and a half thousand feet long and six hundred feet wide. There are various myths about the depth of this natural reservoir. It is said, A Hindu gentleman named Rebati Ranjan, with the help of locals, rode a bamboo raft to measure the depth in the middle of the lake. But the rope could not stoop to the floor. Instead of drowning with the raft, he swears at a goat and gives up trying to determine the depth. There are many local folk tales about this natural lake. The lake is created on a high hill because the traditional religion of nature worshipers of Tripura believe that there is a miraculous power and the water of this lake never dries up. Many believe that the water god himself created this to meet the water needs of the local villagers. So it is a blessing to the locals.


This “Matai Pukhuri” (Devata Pukur) is just 5 km south of Khagrachari district headquarters on the Khagrachari Mahal Charni road. Nunchhari is a small river formed from the Alutila mountain range of Nunchhari mouza in the adjoining Myschhari area. There are huge stones in the middle of small waves of nunchhari. The still stone in the clear water fascinates anyone and the wonderful decoration of nature will make anyone speechless  The mind is thrilled.

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Updated: October 16, 2021

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