Marayon Tung – Bandarban

Marayan Tong in Bandarban district is very popular with adventure-loving travelers. Some people call this hill Marayan Dong. At a height of about 1640 feet, this hill is known by some other names such as Marayan Tong, Marayan Tong, Merai Thong Jadi, Marayang Dong etc.

There is a Buddhist shrine on the top of a hill in Mirinja Range of Alikadam Police Station in Bandarban District . Two more trees with a small banyan tree. Open all around and roof upwards. Here is a huge statue of Buddha. The huge statues of Buddhists in the open nature make this place more solemn. The mountains on the horizon and the river Matamuhuri flowing down like a snake in the south, the crop fields are all a realm of imagination.

Most of the tribals including Tripura, Marma, Murang live in this Marayan Tong hill. Indigenous neighborhoods in the foothills have added special diversity to the beauty of Alikadam. The life of the people who depend on the mountains and the pure nature fills the eyes of the tourists who come here.

A total of 5 trails have to be climbed to the summit, of which the steepest trail has gone from the ground to the peak at an angle of 72 degrees. However, the higher you go, the more beautiful the surroundings will become.

Special Tips for Traveling in Marayon Tung

  • Take plenty of water, glucose, saline, dry food, a first aid box, and essential medicines along the way.
  • If you want to cook, take the necessary ingredients, matches and fuel. There will be no shortage of dry wood to light the fire.
  • If you want to camp at night, take a tent, sleeping bag, and light sheets with you. Because even in the hot season, it gets a little cold in the mountains at night.
  • If you find someone from the local administration on the plains before climbing the mountain, let them know about your intentions. If you have any suggestions, listen to them carefully. And if you want to go up the hill or go camping, let the headmen of the respective neighborhoods know along the way. If possible, ask for their phone number. You can let them know if you need help later.
  • Do not tear or tear anything without permission from any fruit or flowering tree in the hills while walking around the neighborhood. Buy if needed. It will be available cheaply.
  • Try your best to get their permission to take pictures of the hill people.
  • If you cook in the mountains, you must do it carefully. So that the fire does not spread around.
  • Packets of chips, biscuits, pickles or other dry food must be collected and brought down.

How to go:

  • Chakriya by bus from Dhaka. (Rent 750)
  • Resident (Alikadam) by car or jeep from Chakaria.
  • You have to get up from the residence to Marayan Tong.
  • The next morning again by jeep or moon car to Adupara.
  • Damtua / Tuk non-fountain track from Adupara.
  • Alikadam again at the end of the trek.
  • Chakraya from Alikadam.
  • Dhaka from Chakraya.

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Updated: June 18, 2023

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