Maowa Ferry Ghat – Munshiganj

The Padma river is far from Dhaka often 36 kilometres.The Maowa Ghat is famous for Elisha fish and sweet. The first chosen of Dhaka folks navigate to eat the Elisha fish in the Maowa  Ghat. The demanding of Elisha fish is available from ancient. As of late, the demanding of Elisha fish has reached in our country to foreigners. If the Elish become the Maowa Ghat`s silver Elish then water will come in our tongue. That`s why every person in the different area comes to eat Elisha fish foodies.

This colossal demanding builds the big and small stall side of the river.There have seasonal fruits and vest another`s stall.Also, there has piece and piece stall of fish.These markets are selling fresh Elisha fish and another fish.What are you saying that the visitors or foodies fond of the fresh fish in the river and there have no alternatives?.

It`s not far from Dhaka area that`s why you can come to see the Padma river and can eat launch by fresh Elisha fish with hot rice. The north side of mawya gorge, we can walk the side of the river far so. The time of walking, there will have the silver Padma and another side will have a green village.If you want to enter the village then you can do it.I can tell you certainly that village called the village.I suppose to that everyone will be good by staying here.The river will stay the sun silver glint after noon from until the evening.The small ripples illuminate by gentle air in the eye.When the sun has gone noon after afternoon then the faded sun fall in the river.Marvellous that moment.

There have rare to journey by boat in the Padma river. There have a speed boat and lunch cross the river. You can also cross the river by ferry. The speed boat can cross the river only 20-30 minutes. The rent is only 150 taka.It`s not good who doesn`t know the swimming properly. Many times in the Padma river speed boat are crossing by jumping that`s amazing to see and It`s better if you fare climb the boat.

The time is much by lunch sea but can see the scenery the outside.The direct rent is 40 and local rent is 30 only.There has so good hotel.It’s not forgetting the scenery in the night from the third floor of lunch.You have to give up the sleeping to mawya in 9 a.m for one day if you want to buy fresh fish from the fisherman.

How to go Mmawya from Dhaka:

The Sadin transport will take only 100 taka from Faromget, Mirpur 10 and Shahbag.Otherwise, you will get the bus all time in Gulistan.The rent is only 70 taka by BRTC, Gangchil, Elish bus

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Updated: August 1, 2017

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