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Munipuri Rajbari ( Munipuri Kings palace)  which is situated in Sylhet at Mirjajangal is one of the symbol of ancient architecture.  This is also the symbol and part of culture of this locality. It was built by King Gombir singh. Though it has lost a little it’s Intrinsicity lack of proper care but its beauty has not ended yet. The principal gate, border wall, decorated stair and the remnant part of Bhalakhana are the last resource.

So, it has great tourist attraction. It was built in 19th century by three brother Churging sing, Marjit Sing and Gombir Sing. They were lived here. But Churging Sing and Marjit Sing left this place and went to Komol gonj. Only the King Gombir Sing was there. Gombir Sing were lived with his family till rescue the Monipur Kingdom fighting with Barma with the help of british government. It shows a dark days in 1819-1826 in the history of Munipuri. A worst fighting was held between Munipuri and Barma. Barma grabed Munipuri Kingdom and lot of people lost their life. Many family forsook their mother land and fled away in foreign country. At last three brother were defeated with Barma and came back in Mirja Jungle and started to live in this home again.


They had a good intimacy with British ruler. They took shelter here. For the request of British Ruler Munipuri army had a great role to curb the Khasia arm forces. As this family lived there for long time, different aspect of their culture had spread all over the Sylhet. This Rajbari( kings palace) is considered as the centre of this activity. Though it is considered as important architecture but it is rarely seen to take any steps to renovate or protect this.


So, the authority should take necessary steps to protect this architecture. Munipuri culture has kept a good role in our culture, it has enriched our culture. We should ensure its renovation and necessary steps to save our ancient architecture.

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Updated: July 21, 2017

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