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It is about 35km away from Mulovibazar hometown where Munipuri people live in Komolgonj Upazila. Most of Munipuri people of this country live in Adompur and Madobpur. The life style of Munipuri people will allure you more how much it would be attract you by hills, forest, slightly scene.

Munipuri community has a different fame and advanced culture for their own culture and tradition. There organize an attractive rush fair in November in the starting of Agrahaion(a month of Bengali) in every year. Lots of tourist and visitor come to the fair from country even from abroad in this Munirpuri Palli(village) on the occasion of fair. Visitor can buy Manipuri shawls, sheets, sarees, sealar-kamiz, bags, fatua, Panjabi etc.

It has a great demand of Munipuri things (which is made by Munipuri people) whole the country even in abroad. If you have no chance to visit the fair, do not worry. There are lots of Munipuri shops. You can buy those things any time whole the year when you will visit there. There is a Munipuri cultural academy in Madhobpur.

It has an own fame of Munipuri dance. Their tradition reflects by their dance. If you are a visitor of this place you never can miss this dance.


  • Evert year in the starting of Agrahaion there organize a Rush fair. If you would be a visitor of that time, You could be the lucky one to enjoy this fair.
  • Munipuri community has reputation for their tradition and culture. All most every Munipuri family has a handloom. It is a part of their culture to make own cloth. Besides their traditinal dress “Khami” there are lots of hand made things such as Sari, shawl, bag, bed sheets etc. You can buy.

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