Manikchari Mung Rajbari – Khagrachari

The reign of the Mung king began here in Manikchari during the reign of Kanjaya (1796-1826). During the reign of the seventh king Mong Pru Sign (1954-1984), the king’s contribution to the development of Khagrachari roads and he had a great influence in local people’s life. The king participated actively in the freedom fighting in 1971 in response to the call of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

He fought with the Mukti Bahini in the then sub-divisional town of Ramgarh under Sector 11.At one point, the king, along with his wife, daughter, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, took refuge in neighboring India to save his life by burying his royal ornaments and hidden treasures. After the country became independent, he returned to Manikchari Mung Rajbari for his loving people and land. But they did not find any trace of gold ornaments and hidden treasures that he hide under the ground. Even after that, Raja worked tirelessly for the country and gave up his last breath in 1984. These traditions seem to be lost in the evolution of time. The civil society of the area thinks that it is still possible to preserve its heritage with the help of the government.

How to go:

On the Khagrachari-Chittagong highway, you can get off at Manikchari Amtal or Mahamuni and reach Mong Rajbari by rickshaw or on foot. The ancient palace of the king of Mong in Manikchari upazila of the district and the architecture of the reign is one of the places of interest in Khagrachari district. The palace is intertwined with the king’s throne, valuable weapons and many archeological memories. Although a lot has been lost due to lack of proper conservation and proper management. You can visit Mong Rajbari, Manikchhari Sadar Upazila to know and see the history and culture of Mongraj.

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Updated: October 16, 2021

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