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Adinath temple is one of the spectacular temples of Maheshkhali Island surrounded by sea. The Adinath temple is located on the top of Mainak hill, 288 feet high from sea level. The length of the temple is 10.87 meters, width is 8.62 meters and height is 5.93 meters.

Adinath was founded a few thousand years ago in the Tretayuga. It contains a historical fact according to the Hindu scriptures, the Ramayana, puran, It is known from the descriptions of myths and historians. The battle of Rama and Ravana in the Tretayuga is found in the scriptures. Ravana prayed to Goddess Mahadev for immortality to win the battle of Lanka with Rama. Mahadev was meditating on Kailasa at that time. Satisfied with Ravana’s adoration, he gave him a blessing for the desired endeavor and made it a condition that the Shivling-like upward Shivalinga should be carried from Kailasa to Lanka and not kept anywhere in the path. If it is kept, Mahadev will take position in that place and Ravana’s goal will not be achieved. According to the conditions, Ravana carried the Shivling and left for Lanka, but on the way he was forced to stop at the Mainak mountain in present day Maheshkhali to perform natural activities. Later, on condition, Ravana failed to raise the Shivling again and Mahadev took up position at the Mainak peak.

Divided into three sections, the first section has two worship rooms measuring 3.35 metres square . Banalinga Shiva idol in the east room and ostabhuja Durga idol in the west room. Hinduism religions believe that there is a deep connection between Shiva and the temple. They believe that Shiva stayed on the Mainak hill for some moment during his journey from Mount Kailash to Lanka with Ravana on his shoulder. Besides, according to the legend of the area, one of the influential people of Maheshkhali, Nur Mohammad Sikder, can learn from the miraculous instruction of his dream that The rock is the ‘deity’ of the Hindus.The names mahesh and adinath are among the many names of this deity. The name of the island is Maheshkhali after the deity and the name of the mandap is ‘Adinath temple’. Whatever it is, Shiva Chartudashi Mela is organized here every year around this temple. Due to the influence of Shiva devotees, the main Durgotsab of Hindus is not celebrated in Maheshkhali. A large number of pilgrims and visitors, irrespective of religion and caste, gather at Maheshkhali on this occasion. Many men and women are seen sacrificing animals inside the main temple because they want to have children or for the longevity of their children. At this time, the locals are busy entertaining the guests who come to the traditional and Rakhine houses as much as possible. There is an ancient Buddhist pagoda next to the Adinath temple Gatherings are held in Maheshkhali on the occasion.

At present, due to the constant erosion of hills, a large area of ​​land on the east side of the temple has been lost to the coral grass of the sea. Adinath Jetty was recently constructed by Cox’s Bazar District Council next to this temple, which has made it easier for tourists to come here. At the foot of the Adinath temple is a neighborhood of the Rakhine community and a monastery called Thakurtala Buddhist Monastery. During the War of Independence, 5 innocent Rakhine people were martyred in indiscriminate firing by the Pak aggressors on the Buddhist monastery. As a memento of the ruthless attack of the Paks, a few white stone throat statues are still present in the Buddhist monastery as silent witnesses of the times. For tourists visiting the Adinath temple, Rakhine women temporarily set up stalls to sell their fabrics and sheets.Many people were buried in the sinking of a British-owned ship ‘MV Malad’ which came to Cox’s Bazar from Chittagong port in September 1947 near Mudirchhara on the west side of Adinath temple. The sky was cloudy that day and it was raining a little. Among the unfortunate passengers was a magistrate with his newly transferred family in Cox’s Bazar subdivision. The daughter of Syed Mostafa Ali, the elder brother of the eminent writer and literary figure Syed Mujtaba Ali, was the wife of the unfortunate magistrate.


Every day, according to the rules, worship is performed at the same time in the temples of Adinath, Ashtabhuja, Bhairab and Radha Govinda. In addition, every year on the fourteenth day of Shiva in Falgun, there is a fair of worship and party. At this time, the temple precincts are frequented by pilgrims from different parts of the subcontinent for the purpose of saving and fulfilling their desires. The temple has a rare species of parijat flowers. Devotees always take a vow to tie a thread to a tree to fulfill their desires and when the desire is fulfilled, they open the thread and offer worship. There are two ponds at the back of the main temple. Although the two ponds are located at a height of about 280 feet above the sea level, its water never dries up. There are rumors that bathing in one of the two ponds cures all diseases.

 Management of the temple:

According to a booklet published by the temple’s supervisory committee, Nawab Alivardi Khan, Dewan Braj Kishore Lal Kanungo representative Dewan Kalicharan’s come with his nine-year-old son Sarat Chandra and buy this island. Later, Sarat Chandra came in contact with the Naga monk and took initiation. He bequeathed all the properties of his landlording  in 1876 to Sri Sri Adinath Mandir as the property of the deity. Adinath dual management was under Mohanty rule as per Puri Act. Later, when allegations were leveled against the Mohantas, its management has been entrusted to the Sitakunda Shrine Committee since 1911.

 How to go:

Maheshkhali can be reached by trawler and speed boat from Kasturi Ghat or Ghat No. 6 area of ​​Cox’s Bazar district. It takes about 1 hour by trawler and about 20 minutes by speed boat. Trawlers and speed boats are available from morning to evening. Besides, Maheshkhali can be reached by taxi or private car from Chakaria Upazila Sadar under Cox’s Bazar district. The temple has accommodation for pilgrims. Besides, there are quality hotels in Maheshkhali. However, if you want to stay in a better environment, you can stay in Cox’s Bazar or Chakaria.

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