Mahamuni Buddhist Monastery – Chittagong

The monastery is located on a low hill in the middle of Pahartali village in Pahartali union under Raozan police station in Chittagong district. There is a difference of opinion as to the date of establishment of this monastery. Some believe that the monastery was established in 1813 by the holy monk Chainga Tagore with the overall support of the villagers. According to DR Ramchandra Barua, the Mahamuni idol and temple were built in 1805. He mentions in his book that “the statue of Mahamuni was erected 100 years before 1267 Magh (1805 AD)” (History of the Mog of Chittagong, p. 16).

How to get there: 

From Chittagong city you can take a bus on Kaptai road to Raozan Pahartali and then  take a taxi or rickshaw to Mahamuni Buddhist Vihara in the south.


Village: Pahartali Mahamuni, Post Office: Mahamuni, Upazila: Raozan, Chittagong.

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Updated: July 18, 2022

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