Mahamaya Lake – Chittagong

Small green hills and a lake of clear water in the middle, The lake is surrounded by mountains,  holding the mountains, the lake is spreading beauty. The name of such an enchanting place of green Maya is Mahamaya Lake.

It is the second largest artificial lake in the country located at Durgapur Union of Mirsarai Upazila, 45 km away from Chittagong city on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway.

This mahamaya of about 11 square kilometers has a lake of clear water, cold water fountain, green hills and blue sky. If you see it, you will not believe it is an artificial lake. An ecopark has been built around the lake. There is a rubber dam. It is beautiful to see the meandering lake at the foot of the hill.

Mahamaya Lake is located in the middle of innumerable small and big hills. One of the attractions of this lake is the mountain spring and it’s clear water. If you look around the reservoir, you will see that there is a green sheet.

A very nice place to forget about the hustle and bustle of work and spend time with nature. In addition to cruising the lake by boat, you can do fishing in a secluded spot with a spear. Of course, for this you have to take the spear in advance.

In the blue waters of Mahamaya Lake you will find small dinghy boats or engine driven boats. With the family in this boat you can wander in the clear water of the lake and get lost in the amazing beauty of the lake.

The cost of this boat trip can be 500-1000 taka and about 40 taka per person.

Sitting in a boat, you will be mesmerized by the mountains and the vast body of water around Mahamaya Lake. The atmosphere of the lake looks very nice when the afternoon sun sets in the final blueness.

Mahamaya Lake is a great place for a picnic with family or friends. You can also cook and eat here if you want. If you want on the huge land on the shores of the lake, everyone can organize different games together.

On the way to Mahamaya Lake, you will see the amazing beauty of Chandranath hill in Sitakunda. But you have to take  another day on hand to go to Chandranath. If you want to visit Mahamaya Lake in one day, you can leave the rest of the day for the beautiful campus of IIUC and Bhatiari, a private university in Chittagong. In Bhatiari you will find a clear water lake and an army controlled golf course.

How to go

By road from Dhaka to Mahamaya –

BRTC buses leave from Dhaka Kamalapur terminal. And other AC, non AC buses leave from Saidabad bus station. You can go by Saudia, Greenline, Silk Line, Sohag, Baghdad Express, Unique etc buses. The fare on AC buses is 850-1100 taka. RS Alam, Saudia, Unique, Shyamoli, Hanif, Eagle etc. transport bus fare is 400-500 taka. All buses stop at Mirsarai. From Mirsarai bus stand, one has to come to Thakurdighi Bazaar by CNG auto rickshaw or any other vehicle and enter Mahamaya through the road on the east side.

However, it is better to talk about rent first. If you come to see Mahamaya Lake from Dhaka, you can get in the car at night, see Mahamaya in the morning and go to Chittagong city in the afternoon or you can visit Chittagong city and come  by train or bus at night. It will take about 2 hours to go from Mahamaya to Chittagong city.

 Chittagong to Mahamaya-

Buses to different districts of the country including Dhaka leave from Alankar, AK Khan, Cornelhat bus stations. And buses of different routes within the district leave from Madarbari, Kadamtali bus station. If you want to come to Mirsarai from Chittagong, you have to travel by buses on the internal routes of the district. It will take 1 hour by any local bus from Alangkar City Gate. Rent 40 to 70 taka. And if you want to go separately, you can go by CNG auto rickshaw or microbus, in which case the expected fare can take 1000 to 1400 taka.

From the city, from the car you have to get off  at Thakur Dighi Bazaar of Mirsarai Police Station. From there you can walk or you can go from Mirsarai bus stand by CNG, auto rickshaw or any other vehicle. It will be easier if you have a car with you.

Feni to Mahamaya –

Buses from Noakhali, Comilla, Parashuram, Chandpur and Feni, run from Feni to Chittagong. You can reach Mirsarai or Thakur Dighi by any bus.

Chittagong by train: On the Dhaka-Chittagong route, the mahanagar prativa train leaves Dhaka at morning 7:40 am, Chattala Express at 9:20 am, Mahanagar Godhuli leaves Dhaka at 3 pm, Subarna Express leaves Dhaka at 4:20 pm and Turna leaves Dhaka at 11 pm. Rent 160 to 1100 taka. Sonar Bangla Express has been added recently . Which goes to Chittagong non-stop.

Then from there follow Mahamaya’s guide from Chittagong.

Food and accommodation

It would be better to take food with you before going to Mahamaya Lake. Otherwise there are several hotels in Mirsarai market from where you can eat or pack. 

There is no better hotel in the vicinity of Mohamaya Lake. However, there are some hotels in Mirsarai Bariarhat.

You can come and stay in Chittagong city if you want. The city has a number of quality hotels at GOC Junction, Lovelane, Newmarket, Station Road. You can stay in these hotels with your family. The quality of food in these hotels is also quite good.

Some precautions before going down the lake-

  • If you don’t know how to swim, don’t go into the lake.
  • Do not throw plastic or bottled products into the lake water.

If you go around the lake by boat, you will enjoy the natural environment while sitting inside the boat. If you take your camera with you, you will be able to capture some beautiful pictures of the lake.

If you have more information or any correction in this information please comment here.

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