Magic Paradise Park – Comilla

Among all the entertainment centers in or around Dhaka, the first places that come to mind are some of the entertainment centers in Comilla district . Magic Paradise Park is one of the most beautiful and large amusement parks in Comilla.

With more than 20 different types of rides, water park, dinosaur park, picnic spot and restaurant, Magic Paradise Park is one of most notable amusement parks in Bangladesh. It is located in Kotbari area, the heart of entertainment in Comilla district. Magic Paradise Park has become a place of entertainment for people of all ages for its great rides and beautiful natural surroundings.

In the form of foreign cartoon disney the huge gates of Paradise Park have been built in a very attractive way. In front of it three dinosaurs are busy welcoming you by playing keyboard, drums and guitar. You will see a huge carousel when you enter. Sitting on the top and watching the whole park is something very pleasant.

The special attraction of Magic Paradise Park is the water park on the top of the small hill on the right hand side after entering through the gate. Where there is a huge swimming pool, various water rides with sliders. On the left there are some interesting rides including bumper cars, toy trains. And straight ahead, roller coasters, dinosaur park the lost two worlds. When you climb the stairs you will get to see dinosaurs on both sides. The live sounds of dinosaurs and their movements will remind you of lost dinosaurs.

Being the largest artificial wave pool in Bangladesh, the park also has special arrangements of water pools for children. There aren’t many rides here like in Fantasy Kingdom or Nandan Park, but you can enjoy your time in the ones that are there.

There are special ride arrangements for children. Roller coasters or rail rides or rides or water pools on small hills will make any kid massively delighted . And the dinosaur park will make the kids especially happy. Although artificial, it has been presented through technology in such a way that any child will feel as if they have moved to the dinosaur kingdom.

Tickets to Magic Paradise Park

  • Entry Fee – 200 / –
  • Water Pool – 300 / –
  • Any Ride – 100 / –
  • Children under 3. 5 feet tall do not need a ticket to enter.

To Communicate

To book for any event or to know any information you can contact 01713130945, 01714130946.

How to get to Magic Paradise Park

From Dhaka Jatrabari you can come by Asia Transport, Asia Line or Tisha Transport (there are both AC, non-AC), Royal Coach from Kamalapur with air conditioning. Royal Coach is very comfortable but slow. Ride up on any of them, on your way to Comilla  you will see Buriganga Bridge, Meghna Bridge, Daudkandi Bridge and the morning sun on both sides of the road will amaze you. You will not need anything else to please a nature-loving eye.Enjoying the view you will come to Comilla Cantonment or you can get off at Kotbari main road. Rent will be up to 200-250 taka. It will take 2 to 2.5 hours.

From Kotbari main road to Kotbari, CNG will cost 20/30 per person. From Kotbari you can go to Magic Paradise Park by CNG or by auto.

Apart from this, you can also rent a CNG-powered auto rickshaw from Comilla for Tk 220.

Besides, if you have time, you can visit Itakhola Mura, Rupban Mura, Comilla Bird, Mainamati Museum and many other places of interest which are very close to this park.

If you have more information or any correction in this information please comment here.

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Updated: October 1, 2021

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