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Lung Fer Va Saita is the name of a huge unknown spring located in the remote Sailoupipara (Silopi) neighborhood of Bandarban. As difficult as the name Lung fer Vha  Saita Waterfall is, the trail to this waterfall is just as difficult. And if it rains, there is no question. The trail slips and turns into a death trap. However, the real beauty of the fountain is not to be found without the rainy season, so the rainy season is the best time to visit the fountain. First of all, not many people have touched the water of this fountain called ‘Lung Fer Va’. So the road will not be easy at all. And in some places the help of rope may be taken. So  if you want to go to Lung Fer Va Saitar  , you have to have super level strength and confidence.

The road from Salupipara (Silopi) neighborhood to the Lung Fer Va Saita fountain under the huge all-hundred-year-old tree in the secluded, uninhabited, ghostly forest. There is no chance of sunlight coming through so many trees.

Get down on the trail from the jungle and breathe a sigh of relief! Excellent cold water is flowing. But after a little reading, one can understand how terrible and slippery this rocky trail has become without touching the feet of people for a long time. So you have to step very carefully. This amazing 20-25 minute trial will end at the very head of ‘Lung Fer Va’. From there this impeccable waterfall descends a long way down. Now if you want to go down, you have to go down the hill now. And this path will not seem very difficult.

The waterfall seems to occupy the whole sky in the middle of the hill. This is his kingdom. Everyone here is tiny except him. It seems that everyone would like to see such an arrogant form of the fountain.

Trail: Ruma – Bagalek – Keokradong – Thaikong Para – Thingdaulte Para – Silopi Para – Lung Fer Va Saitar.

How to get there

Bandarban by bus from Dhaka or Chittagong. Ruma can be reached from Bandarban city by moon car (four wheel drive), bus, CNG. If you reserve a moon car / jeep, the rent will be around Tk 3000 to 4000, Which differs from season to season and tourist gatherings

And if you can go to Ruma by service bus, the fare will be 100 taka per person. The bus seats are not of good quality. It will take about 2 hours to reach Ruma from Bandarban city. You will have to get off at Ruma and drive to Ruma Bazar by service moon car, the fare is 30 taka per person.

According to the rules, if you want to go somewhere in the mountains from Ruma Bazaar, you have to take a guide, the guide service charge is 500 taka per day. There is a guide association in the market and you will get a guide only if you go to them. You have to go to the army camp with the guide and register your name, address, phone number etc. as per the rules. If you go to a large group, you can prepare a list in advance on a piece of paper with everyone’s name, address, occupation, phone number and contact number at home.

From Ruma Bazar you have to take a service or reserve moon car to Bagalek, then to Pasingpara. You can stay the night in Bagalek or Pasingpara. The next day Thaikshangpara, Thindaltepara

To Salupipara. The night from Salaupipara the very early morning the next day ‘Lung Fer Va’ shower expedition.

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Updated: June 19, 2023

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