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There are many historical monuments in Chandpur town, but most of them have been lost due to lack of maintenance, the rest are on the verge of disappearing. For example, nil kuthuri and zamindar houses have completely disappeared due to lack of conservation. But in 2013, according to the Department of Archeology, these two sites survived. The Lohagor Moth is one of the few surviving historical sites.

The monastery at Lohagarh, a village 1.5 km southwest of Chandra Bazar in Faridganj upazila of Chandpur district, still stands as a witness to the legend. The two brothers, ‘Loha’ and ‘Gahar’, of the most powerful zamindar family, were so influential that they did whatever they wanted and took pleasure in reflecting it. The village was named ‘Lohagarh’ by these two brothers.

Built the high monastery on the banks of the dakatia river as a guide to the location of their home. He placed a gold bar at the top of the monastery as a sign of their financial prestige. Some are said to have died trying to reach the summit of the monastery in the lure of this golden rod. This large golden bar was later detached from the peak of the monastery by a storm and fell into the river, and is said to have been found by a farmer while cultivating the land on the river bank. It is said that this gold bar weighed about two and a half pounds.

When a British traveler visited the village of Lohagarh, he was impressed by their nobility. It is said that for the traveler, the road from the river bank to their house, which is 2 cubits wide, 1 cubit high, 200 cubits long, was built with 200 cubits and half coins. (It is now extinct) Ordinary people did not even walk in front of their houses in fear. The boats had to travel silently on the Dakatia river in front of the house.

The ruins of the palaces of these two brothers in Lohagarh still exist. The hole under the ground here still exists. The monastery has now become a place of interest. Every day many people come to see the monastery.


Winter is the best time to visit this district as the road conditions are relatively bad during the rainy season and unfit for traffic. If you go to Lohagarh Math very early in the morning, you can get fresh date juice from the date palm trees on the side of the road.

How to go

Lohagarh Math  is located 12 km from Chandpur city. In order for the communication system to be bad, you have to reserve CNG from the city (big station) to get there, they will want to pay Rs.



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Updated: June 15, 2023

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