Likshyang Jhorna – Bandarban

Likhiyang Jharna or Likshyang Jharna by any name Likkhyang Waterfall or Likkhyang Waterfall is one of the most unknown trails and unseen beauty of Bandarban . Very few people have walked in this fountain so far. The location of this fountain is in a village, just before the small Madak Ghat, far from Remakri.

Lakshyang ranks 4th in the list of highest waterfalls in Bangladesh. The height of Lixiang is close to 300 feet, and in this local language many people also know it as Likhiang. The trail of Lakshyang is quite beautiful. On either side, two large boulders of stone come down and meet in a small khum-like place in the middle. The place is very slippery, with streams of water over it, and strong winds. The Lakshyang fountain is like a well closed on three sides, the pool below is like a swimming pool, the water is green.

The way to Lakshyang Jharna is a bit inaccessible. But, if you have the morale, the dream journey of this fountain can be fulfilled very easily. For those who like adventure, Lixyang Jharna is just for them.

Preparations before going to Lakshyang Jharna –

  • This is a complete adventure trip. Lots of walking here. So you have to prepare physically and mentally in advance.
  • For security, photocopy of National Identity Card (if any) or photocopy of ID card of the educational institution may be kept with.
  • Since Lakshyang Jharna is in a remote area, you have to stay out of the mobile network. That is why you have to take mental preparation in advance.
  • Do not take anything except very necessary, extra clothes are the main enemy of travel. It is enough to take two three quarter pants, one or two T-shirts.
  • Keep some dry foods (dates, raisins, nuts, biscuits, instant noodles).
  • Assuming you have to work hard, then all the trouble will not seem unwanted.
  • Polythene.
  • Towels.
  • Torch / candle.
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste.
  • Camera (personal desire).
  • Water bottle
  • Necessary medicine.
  • Umbrellas, sunglasses, caps.
  • First aid.

How to get to Lakshyang Jharna –

You must take a guide to travel to Bandarban. The guide will take you. But the following two lines will help you to know yourself and prepare mentally.

By jeep from Bandarban to Thanchi. Remakri from Thanchi. After reaching Remakri, another 30 minutes by boat to the village. Then the whole road from this village.

If you have more information or any correction in this information please comment here.

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Updated: June 18, 2023

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