Lawachara National Park – Moulvibazar

Lawachara alive with Biodiversity which is situated at Kamalganj Upazila in Moulovi  bazar. It is about 10 km away from the capital of tea Srimongol on west besides Srimongol vs Komolgonj road. Among seven wildlife sanctuaries and ten national parks of Bangladesh, Lawachara National Park is one of them. This evergreen forest is considered as a safe habitat of extinct ape. This woodland is famous for various rare animals, insects and trees. Lauachora is very popular to the tourist after Sundarbon.

How it comes. The history is very ancient of Lawachara National Park . British government at first started to planting trees in 1925. Increasing this kinds of trees gradually now it has created a woodland called Lawachara . In 1996 government gave it the status of national park.

This forest contains 460 species of rare wildlife and plant. Among them 167 species of plants, Four species of amphibians, Six species of reptiles, 20 species of mammals and 246 species of birds. The main attraction of Lauachora is almost extinct ape. They live along with their family in High branches of tree. Various kinds of monkey, tiger, fox and deer are seen there also. Among the birds green doves, moorfowl, parrot, cuckoo etc. There are lot of tree such as Gorjon, Gamar, Jamrul, Segun, Chapalish, Shimul, Nagesswar etc.

Its structure is consisted with a great combination of low and high elevation. Sometime you can get the way of walk through the forest. There is much sand under the ground in here. There are several mountain springs have passed through the forest. But those are full of water in rainy season.


How to go Moulvibazar :

If you want to go Lawachara National Park then first of all you have to go srimongol. From srimongol town you can go to  Lawachara National Park by your own vehicles or you have to use CNG or Zip.

Dhaka to Srimongol by bus:

There are lot of transport in Dhaka to Srimongol road. Like Hanif Paribahan, Shyamoli Paribahan, Mamun Enterprise and Syleht Express most popular bus service in this road.

Dhaka to Srimongol by bus Trains

There are few trains that go to Sylhet from Dhaka everyday. The Dhaka to Sylhet trains are Parabat express, Joyantika express, Upaban express and Surma mail. Some trains have a weekly off day.

Hotel / Resort is Moulvibazar and Srimangal

For their accommodation, now a good number of hotels are available here with a few differences in facilities served. Some of Moulvibazar’s hotels are –

  • Hotel Sonargaon (contact no: 0861 – 64607)
  • Hotel Helal (contact no : 0861- 52535)
  • Hotel Rezia (contact no: 01716 – 086463)
  • Parjatan Resthouse (contact no: 0861 – 52350)
  • Sheraton Plaza (contact no: 0861 – 52020)
  • Hotel Rajdhani
  • Hotel Camilla
  • Hotel Basundhara
  • Hotel Lal Kella
  • Some restaurants are –
  • Hotel Western Plaza (contact no: 0861 – 64810)
  • Bengal Food and Restaurant
  • Hotel City King Chinese (contact no: 0861 – 62775)
  • Rajmahal
  • Shad
  • Hotel Prince
  • Khawa-dawa
  • Rahmania
  • Manager stall etc

All these Hotels and Restaurants are located in Moulvibazar town. You can also book your rooms in hotels not located in moulvibazar rather than in Srimangal, which may be considered the best tourist attraction spot of this division.

Some hotels and restaurant in Srimangal are –

  • Hotel Plaza (contact no: 08626 – 71525)
  • Tea resort (contact no: 08626 – 71207)
  • B.T.R.I (contact no: 08626 – 71225)
  • Tea town restaurant
  • Hotel Prince etc.

If you have more information or any correction in this information please comment here.

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