Lalon Akhara – Kushtia

Cheuriya, which is in the Kumarkhali Upazila of the Kushtia District, is where Lalan Akhara is. Baul Samrat Lalan was laid to rest on the soil of Chheuriya. After he died, his followers built a shrine here called Fakir Lalon Saijir Mazar, or, in the local language, Lalon Akhara. Rows of graves of his followers are in a huge dome around his tomb. Bauls come to this shrine on their way to God.

A gate is not too close to the shrine. You have to go through this gate to get into the shrine. On the anniversary of his death, lakhs of tourists and worshippers go to Baul Samrat. The Lalon Museum is right next to the shrine.

In the museum, you can see a Lalan door, Lalan’s sitting jug, devotees’ bells, and a few rare pictures. Rs. is the price to get into the museum. When you leave the shrine and move forward, you will see the bust of Lalan.


Where to stay?

There are many good places to stay in the city. Some of them are Padma, Hotel River View, Gold Star, and Sunmoon.

How to find food:

There are many places where you can eat. Among them are the Jahangir Hotel, Shilpi Hotel, Shafi Hotel, Hotel Khawa-Dawa, and Maubon Restaurant, which are all Chinese restaurants.

How to go:

From Gabtali or Technical Junction in Dhaka, SB, Shyamoli, Hanif, Sohag, and Khalek Paribahan buses go straight to Dhaka-Kushtia over the Bangabandhu Bridge. From Dhaka to Kumarkhali, there are also many direct buses.

From the Kamalapur train station, you can get to Sundarban, and from the Cantonment station, you can get to Chitra. But in that case, you have to get off at the Poradah train station, which is close to Kushtia, and take a bus or autorickshaw to get to the city.

You can take a rickshaw or an auto rickshaw from the city of Kushtia to get to the shrine of Lalon Shah.

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Updated: June 24, 2023

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