Laldighi – Chittagong

Lal Dighi is one of the traditional places of Chittagong city in Bangladesh. It’s located on the last boundary of Jail Road in the city. “Andarkilla” is on one side of it. It is surrounded by district council buildings and local bank branches. It belongs to the 32nd ward of Chittagong City Corporation.

In 1761 the East India Company took control of Chittagong. At that time Entekali Kachari i.e. the land related tehsil office (now Metropolitan Police Office) was painted red. People therefore called it “Lalkuthi”. To the east of this lalkuthi was the prison. It was also painted red and hence it came to be known as the “Red House”. The building was guarded by two red-turbaned British guards. Many people think that this is why the buildings are called Lal Ghar and Lal Kuthi. There was a small pond next to the red house and the red cottage. At the beginning of the British rule in Chittagong, the pond was enlarged and turned into a tank. This lake is known as Laldighi because there were two red colored buildings next to it.

Occasional celebrations :

Abdul Jabbar first played volleyball on the banks of Laldighi on 12th Baisakh in 1910. Since then, Jabbar’s Balikhela has been held on the banks of Laldighi on the 12th of Boishakh every year. [At present there is a mosque on the west bank of Laldighi. There is a park surrounded by greenery for the entertainment of the townspeople.

How to get there:

Buses or auto rickshaws can be used to get to the scenic spot.

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