Kutubdia Island – Cox’s Bazar

Kutubdia island is an Dwip Upazila in Cox’s Bazar district. This small island of about 216 square kilometers has many natural varieties & beauty. There is no electricity connection in Kutubdia island. Generators and solar power are used to meet the electricity demand here. There are many things to see including the secluded beach, the largest wind power plant in Bangladesh, salt cultivation, lighthouse, and the altar of Qutub Auliya.

Kutubdia Channel

The Kutubdia channel is quite large and gigantic. Although it is quite turbulent throughout the year but fairly quiet in winter. You have to cross this channel from Magnama Ghat to reach the island.

The beach

Kutubdia beach is about 16 km long from north to south. Most of the areas are quite secluded. It goes without saying that there is no Coming and going of tourists. Sometimes there is just the busyness of the fishermen. In some palaces along with the beach there are rows of tamarix forest Another major feature of Kutubdia beach is a lot of Gangchil flocks around there. A group of red crabs roam fearlessly somewhere on the beach, taking advantage of the solitude. Kutubdia beach is an ideal place to watch the sunset.
The country’s largest wind power plant is in the Dale area of ​​Ali Akbar in Kutubdia.

Wind power station

The largest wind power plant in Bangladesh is located at Kutubdia. The power plant with a capacity of about one thousand kilowatts has been built at the southern end of the beach, in the Dale area of ​​Ali Akbar. Do not forget to see this large wind power plant in the country.


A lighthouse was built at Kutubdia a long time back to show way to the sailors of ships sailing on the sea. That old lighthouse disappeared into the sea long ago. However, the wreckage of that lighthouse is still seen waking up at low tide. The lighthouse that was later built in the area of ​​the old lighthouse is now the guide for sailors. The location of the present lighthouse is a short distance north from Baraghop Bazaar along the beach.

Court of Qutb Auliya

Darbar Sharif of Qutb Auliya in Dhurang area of ​​the island. The founder of this darbar was Shah Abdul Malek Al Qutubi. He was born here in 1911. He died on February 11, 2000. Thousands of devotees gather here every year on his death anniversary (7 Falgun). It is alleged that Qutbdia was named after the ancestors of Qutb Auliya. At present his son Prince Sheikh Farid is in charge of Qutb Sharif Darbar.

Salt cultivation

Salt is cultivated in the land of Kutubdia in winter. If you go there at this time, you will see that the farmers are busy cultivating salt in the fields. More or less salt is cultivated all over the island. However, the highest salt fields are in Table Char, Kaiyar Beel, Ali Akbar’s Dale. Various techniques of natural salt production can be seen here.

How to go

You have to go to Kutubdia by bus from Cox’s Bazar. AC buses of Sohag Paribahan, TR Travels, Green Line Paribahan, Hanif Enterprise, St. Martin Paribahan, Saudia Paribahan go directly to Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka.

The rent is 1,700 to 2,500 taka. Besides, the fare for non-AC buses of S Alam, Saudia, Shyamoli, Unique, Eagle etc. is 650 to 800 taka.

These buses have to stop on the way to Cox’s Bazar, one kilometer in front of Inani Resort at the junction of baraitali. From there you have to take a CNG powered baby taxi to Magnama Ghat. The rent is 35 taka per person. If you take a reserve, it will be 200 taka. You have to cross Kutubdia Channel from Magnama Ghat by engine boat or speed boat.

The engine boat takes 20 to 25 minutes, the fare is 15 to 20 taka . And the speedboat takes 10 minutes, the fare is 60 taka. As soon as the channel is crossed there is Kutubdia.

It will cost 25 to 30 taka to go to Baraghop Bazar by rickshaw. Besides, S Alam’s bus goes directly to Magnama Ghat from the eastern end of the third Karnaphuli Bridge in Chittagong and from the Cox’s Bazar bus stand. The fare is 160 taka from Chittagong and 90 taka from Cox’s Bazar.

Where to stay

Hotel Samudra Bilas is the only standard accommodation for tourists on Kutubdia Island. The beauty of the sea can be enjoyed sitting in this hotel adjacent to the sea. The rent of a non-AC room for two people in the hotel is 800 taka, 1000 taka for three people and 1,200 taka for a room for four people.
Contact: Hotel Samudra Bilas, Baraghop Bazar, Kutubdia. Mobile 01819647355, 01722086847.

Necessary information

There is no system to mark the tide on the beach. Choose winter to visit Kutubdia Island. This is because salt is cultivated on the island in winter. Dry fish processing also takes place in the winter season. And enough fish is also available. In addition, the trawler traveling by sea will be comfortable as the heat is low. Be sure to take breakfast with you when going on the trawler. Kutubdia beach is not tested. So it is not safe to go into the water at any time other than the tide.

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