Khoyasagar Dighi – Lakshmipur

There is a huge dighi on the east side of Laxmipur Raipur road in Dalal Bazar area of ​​Laxmipur Sadar upazila; Whose name is Khoa Sagar Dighi. Braj Vallabh Roy, the landlord of Dalal Bazar, dug this dighi in about 1755 to conserve drinking water of the people. Dalal Bazar Monastery is right next to this lake.

Khoya means fog, that is. The lake is so long in size that it looks like fog when viewed from one end to the other, hence the name Khoyasagar. More than two hundred years ago, Braja Ballav Roy, the landlord of Dalal Bazar, dug the lake in order to fill the surrounding area with soil and save practical water for the people.

There is a fairy tale story involved with this lake. It is known that once a bridegroom was walking along the bank of the lake with his bride. At that time, when the bridegroom’s passengers got thirsty for water, they took a break and drank water in the tank. The bride also went down to drink water. But when the bridegroom was about to drink the water, some one grabbed her by the legs and pulled her down. The bride never returned. Since then there have been deep holes in that place. Although the whole lake dried up due to severe drought, the place did not dry up. There is another dighi called Kodal Dhoya Dighi just west of Khoya Sagardighi. It is said that after digging the Khoyasagar dighi, the workers came to wash the spade and cut the dighi daily by digging one dig of soil.

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Updated: June 16, 2023

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