Khan Jahan Ali Bridge – khulna

Khan Jahan Ali Bridge, also known as Rupsa Setu, is a popular entertainment area close to Khulnabasi due to its clean air and distinctive beauty. People of all ages gather here every day to chat while taking in the river and the open air.

The bridge in Khulna is now a well-liked tourist attraction. Any traveller who is standing at Rupsa Setu in the evening will be drawn in by this stunning scene. Anyone who sees the scene will be amazed, but it is particularly stunning when the Rupsa River’s waves crash against the two banks due to the strong wind.

As dusk falls, the sodium lamp is lit. There is light coming from the surroundings. It is surrounded by a lovely environment. It has a unique beauty that extends past the city’s bustle.

Locals refer to it as Rupsha Setu, despite the fact that it is officially known as Khanjahan Ali Setu. because the bridge is located over the Rupsa River. Standing in the middle of the bridge will give you the impression that you are in front of a structure in a developed nation or a work of art. You might also get the impression that Rupsa’s chest is covered in a tonne of stars. Actually, no, as electric lights illuminate the bridge. automobiles moving quickly.

The distance between the bridge and Rupsa in Khulna is 4.80 kilometres. One could think of Khulna’s city gate as a bridge. due to the bridge’s established road connection to Khulna and the southern districts, especially the seaport of Mongla. There are designated lanes on the bridge for pedestrians and non-motorised vehicles.

A variety of goods are being sold by traders on both sides of the bridge. Most of them are retail establishments like Chanachur, Fuchka, Chatapti, and Jhalmuri.

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Updated: June 26, 2023

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