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Dargah of Hazrat Syed Ahmed (RA) at Kharampur of Akhaura which is known all over the country as Dargah of Kella Shahid. The story about the Dargah of Kella Shahid is that the fishermans of Kharampur were fishing in the river Titas at that time. One day, while fishing in the river, Chaitan Das and his companions suddenly caught a severed head in their net. Then the fishermen became frightened and when they went to pick up the broken head, the severed head started saying, “By the power of Allah, the severed head can never be reconciled with another believer.”

You will not touch my head until you become a Muslim after reciting the Kalema.  Chaitanya Das and his companions converted from Hinduism to Islam by reciting Kalama from the severed head. According to the instructions of the head, the head was buried in Kharampur cemetery according to Islam. The names of the converted fishermen are Shahbala, Shahlo, Shahzada, Shahgora and Sahar Oashon. They are the primitive descendants of this dargah.

The fame of this dargah gradually spread all over. From this Shah Pir Syed Ahmad Geshudaraj alias Kellashahid’s holy shrine became known as Kella Shah Mazar. The site of Dargah Sharif, established on 260 acres of land, was donated by the then Maharaja of Agartala State.

Various historians estimate that Hazrat Syed Ahmed Gechudaraj was one of the 360 ​​disciples who came to Sylhet together with Aulia Hazrat Shah Jalal (RA). Hazrat Syed Ahmed Geshudaraj was martyred and his head was washed away by the current of Titas river in the battle which was fought by Hazrat Syed Nasiruddin, the chief commander of Hazrat Shahjalal with Raja Achak Narayan. Every year thousands of people gather at the mausoleum of Orsa Kellashahid.

How to get there:

Local CNG can be added from Kautli.

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Updated: June 15, 2023

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