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Kanipur Jomidar Bari of Faridpur is better known as Shikdar Bari/house in Faridpur district. Today, we see the ruins of their residence as ‘Shikdar Bari/Ghar/house’. The Jomidar Bari/house (কানাইপুর জমিদার বাড়ি) has separated Kanaipur village from other villages of Bangladesh in many ways.

The history of the zamindar of Faridpur is quite rich. One of the prominent zamindar dynasties here was the ‘Shikdar dynasty’ of Kanipur. The development of the Shikdar clan as a zamindar began with the reign of Bhavatarini Shikdar. The widow, Rani Bhavtarini, managed her land with the help of her only child, Satish Chandra Shikdar, and another sick employee.

However, the only son of Bhavatarini was more arrogant, arrogant and diplomatic than good ruler. Subsequently, the zamindari was divided between Surendra Nath Shikdar and Nirdabaran Shikdar. Two sons of Satish Chandra Shikdar, and Surendra Nath acquired the lion’s share as the eldest son.

After the untimely death of Surendra Nath, his wife Radha Rani started managing Shikdar zamindari. After the death of Radha Rani Shikdar. The zamindari government was seized by the sons of Kolkata for immigration and economic breakdown.

Against the wrongdoing of these zamindars, the Farazi movement was started in Faridpur in 1818 which was led by Haji Shariatullah and later his son Dudu Mia.

How to go:

The only way to reach Faridpur is by road.

The Golden Line, South Line and Sunmukhi buses leave from Dhaka Gabtuli directly from Faridpur for 6.30 to 9.3 minutes. Besides, Gopalganj, Barisal, Khulna and Jessore can travel to any bus on the Faridpur.

After that, Faridpur bus stand will have to go to Kanaipur Bazaar by bus for 15 taka. if you want to rent Easy Bike for 15 Taka you can go.

Then you will be able to visit the Kanipur Shikdar house / zamindar house or van in the Kanaipur bazaar for 7-8 minutes.

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Updated: November 11, 2019

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