Kalurghat is an area in the southern part of Chittagong city, 5/7 km from Bahaddarhat. The Kalurghat Bridge was built here in 1930. The radio station set up near [[Bahaddarhat | Bahaddarhat] during the war of liberation of Bangladesh is named after Kalurghat Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra which is now used as the broadcasting center of Bangladesh Betar as Kalurghat Betar Kendra. From here, on 26 March 1971, on behalf of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Major Ziaur Rahman (later General and President) declared the independence of Bangladesh.

In 1914, during the First World War, there was a need to build a bridge over the Karnafuli River to run the Burmese Front. As a result, in 1930, the bridge was built by Brunik & Company, a bridge construction company called Bridge Builders Howrah. The 700-yard bridge for train running was originally inaugurated on June 4 that year. Later in World War II, decks were set up for motor vehicles on the Burma Front. After the division of the country, the deck was removed. Later, in 1958, the bridge was given its present form by making it accessible to all types of vehicles. Built during the British period, the bridge has 2 abutments, 6 brick pillars, 12 steel pillars and 19 spans.

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It was built at a place called Kalurghat, 7/8 miles upstream from the mouth of the Karnafuli River, which originated in Chittagong, the commercial capital of Bangladesh. Which is located south of Chittagong city in spatial consideration.



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