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Kalbhairav ​​Temple is one of the historical and important installations  located in Brahmanbaria district of Bangladesh. Originally it was a statue of Sri Sri Kalavirob (Kalavirob Murti). Sri Sri Kalbhairav ​​is a Hindu goddess. Bhairava born from the part of Shiva or from the body.It’s believed Sri Sri Kalabhairava ​​is the tallest idol in the Indian subcontinent. As one of the major pilgrimage sites of the Hindu community, the statue is located in the Medda area near the city of Brahmanbaria. Kalbhairav, situated on the banks of the river Titas, is famous as a historical and traditional temple. The main attraction of the temple is the idol of Kalbhairav ​​or Shiva. The height of the huge statue is 28 feet. The huge and dazzling statue was made in 1905. Naturally at first sight anyone can be scared to see the huge size statue. There is a Kali idol on the right side of the idol and Goddess Parvati on the left side.

It is said that one day Kashishwar Devadidev Mahadev created Kalbhairav ​​from a part of his body and entrusted him with the task of protecting Kashidham.

Boy! You will punish the evildoer who comes to this place.

Before Brahma had five faces. After engaging in the sin of his virginity he came to Kashidham to gain Shiva- knowledge, according to the instruction of mahadev, kaal bhairav cut off one of the faces of Brahma with the part of the fingernail of his left hand. From then on, Brahma became four-faced and the place where his head fell became known as Kapalmochan Tirtha.

After the advent of Kaliswar Sri Sri Kalabhairava, the local Durgacharan Acharya got an order in a dream and built this huge idol of Kalbhairav ​​with clay. He was a permanent resident of Fulbaria village and a renowned potter. Also, he built a statue of Shiva’s wife Parvati next to the statue. Durgacharan first arranged the statue by placing the pearl at the root of Titus Panchavadhi for priesthood. He started worshiping with the sincere help of the local devotees, which was becoming a regular practice till 1971.

When the idol of Kalbhairab came to the notice of the Pak aggressors during the great war of independence of Bangladesh, they damaged a huge portion of the idols of Shiva and Parvati with electric dynamite. Afterward, the world-renowned philosopher. Inspired by Mahanambrata Brahmachari Maharaj and the relentless efforts of local workers and the help and active cooperation of people from all walks of life, the idol and temple of Sri Sri Kalabhairava, the largest in the subcontinent with a height of 24 feet, was re-established after four long years of work.

Next to the Sri Sri Kala Bhairava ​​idol was Sri Sri Kailash Eshwar Shivalinga, who is 105 years old. This is a Kasti stone statue weighing 11 kg. This Shivling temple is located in a separate building on the left side of the temple. Who or whoever  broke the lock of the temple on June 12, 2009 and stole the 100-year-old Shivling at dawn. On October 19, 2009, the Shivling of Kashti Pathar was rescued by the members of RAB-9 after three months. The Shivling was recovered from Puniaut area of ​​Brahmanbaria town. Allegations of trafficking were made. On the basis of secret information, a smart team of rab made buyer and went to them to buy the Kasti stone and when they expressed interest in buying the idol for Tk 2 crore, they arrested two people and handed them over to the Sadar Police Station.

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Before the establishment of the city of Brahmanbaria, Medda was a market on the banks of the Titus.

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