JM Sen Hall – Chittagong

Originally to strengthen the anti-British movement, the JM Sen Hall was established as a meeting place for freedom-fighting people and a center for art and culture. Jatindra Mohan Sen, the then barrister and mayor of Calcutta and president of the Jatiya Congress Party, named the auditorium in memory of his father, Jatra Mohan Sen, who was a lawyer by profession. In 1875, Jatra Mohan Sen formed an organization and board of trustees called the Chittagong Association. A few years later, in 1914, he provided land and financial assistance of three thousand taka for the auditorium. Two years later, on 19 November 1916, Sarat Chandra Rai Bahadur laid the foundation stone of the first town hall, JM Sen Hall. The hall was officially inaugurated on 8 February 1920 by Rai Bahadur Nabin Chandra Dutt.

In this hall there is a club. There are also scuptures of Masterda Surya Sen, one of the revolutionary leaders of the anti-British freedom struggle, Jatindra Mohan Sen, a famous politician of the subcontinent, Mahim Chandra Das, a journalist and politician, and Nellie Sengupta, one of the pioneers of women’s movement in Chittagong.

How to go

JM Sen Hall is the first town hall in Chittagong. It is located in the Rahmatganj area near Andarkilla, the center of Chittagong.


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