Jinn,s Mosque – Lakshmipur

The mosque was built on 57 percent of the land in the Denayetpur area of ​​Raipur town in Laxmipur in 1888. It is 110 feet long and 70 feet wide and has 3 domes and 4 minarets. The minarets, domes and main building designs are 100% Munsiana in this brick installation. The aesthetics of the installation will touch anyone’s heart. There is a secret place of worship 20 to 25 feet below the base of the mosque. Curiosity about the story of the jinn will increase again when you see the water well that has been frozen in that place of worship for several decades. The height of the VT of the mosque is about 15 feet. You have to enter the mosque by climbing 13 steps. The walls are 8 feet wide. The height of the front minaret is 25 feet. There is a huge pond in front of the mosque.

Built in the style of the Shahi Jame Mosque in Delhi, the jinn Mosque is 110 feet long and 70 feet wide and stands 10 feet above the ground. Its VT is 15 feet high with 13 steps. Its walls are 8 feet wide. The minaret in front of the mosque is a 25-foot-high, three-domed well-walled mosque with a large chamber at the bottom to the south; Which is always full of black water. 20 feet below the base of the mosque is a secret worship house with 3 rooms, where its founder Maulana Abdullah used to sit and meditate. There is a lake in front of the mosque and another lake on the other side.

Numerous jinns have built the mosque in the darkness of night. The jinns also worshiped in the mosque for a few years after its construction. In the middle of the night, the sound of their jikir would come. Or jinn has provided money to build the mosque. Due to these rumors, the ‘Masjid-e-Jame Abdullah’, an aesthetic structure of 127 years ago, is now known as Jinan Mosjid.

Maulvi Abdullah Sahib, the founder of the secret shrine located 20 to 25 feet below the mosque, used to meditate on Allah. A few years after his death, the room turned into a well filled with water. There is a paved staircase on the south side of the mosque to enter this well. The curiosity of the visitors is more about having more or less water in this well for twelve months. Some of the visitors drink the water regularly to get rid of the disease.


This historic mosque is located 800/900 yards east of Raipur municipal town in Laxmipur district on the south side of Pir Fayez Ullah road.

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Updated: June 16, 2023

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