Jamburi Park – Chittagong

Jamboree Park is the most modern park in Chittagong. A 8,500-foot-long walkway in 8-foot-high scenic fencing on 8 acres of land. 3 and a half feet deep 50,000 square feet artificial lake or water body. Five hundred and fifty LED lights across the field. The most beautiful moment here is after the evening. Then this field shines in the colorful light. When you look from a tall building, the whole place looks eye-catching. It’s like a poem of light and darkness!

10,000 saplings of 65 species have been planted on the land. Among them there are different species of trees including Sonalu, Nageshwar, Champa, Radhachura, Bakul, Shiuli, Sycas, Togar, Jarul. There are more than five hundred domestic and foreign plants. Different varieties of green grass have been planted in the open yard. There is also an opportunity to sit in the park. And only a 8 thousand feet path has been kept for walking. Sometimes 2 big fountains. The fountain at Drishtinandan will catch anyone’s eye. There are four installations in the four corners of the park. In the north-east corner and south-west corner, there are modern toilets for the guests of the park. There are six gates to enter the park. There are two on the north side, two on the south side, one in front of the gate of the 10-storey building on the east side and one in front of the Agrabad Maternal and Child Hospital on the west side. Two on the north side, two on the south side, one in front of the gate of the ten-storey building on the east side, A large gate has been set up in front of Agrabad Maternal and Child Hospital on the west side. Modern toilets have been set up for the park’s guests in the north-east corner and south-west corner. There are two multi-purpose tents along the middle. Where one of the fountains will be used as a control room and the other as a pump house. An electrical substation in the southeast corner. At the edge of the field are some standing benches and three two-step galleries for guests to rest.

14 close circuit cameras have been installed for security. There are two pump houses next to the reservoir. The entire park has been raised three feet above the road to protect it from rain and tidal water. There are internal master drains for drainage of water inside and outside the park.

The park will be open from morning till 9 pm everyday including holidays. But food cannot be taken there. Bathing in the reservoir is not allowed. Trees cannot be damaged.


How to get to Jamburi Park:

From Dhaka, take the Chittagong GEC junction and take the local bus to Agrabad Badamtoli junction. From there walk or rickshaw to Jamburi Park. Or you can reserve CNG or car from anywhere in Chittagong and come directly to Jamburi Park.


  1. As the new park and entry are free, there is a huge crowd on holidays. So avoid the holidays.
  2. The real beauty cannot be understood without seeing the park in the night light. So it is better to go to the park in the afternoon.

Go to any travel spot and keep the surrounding environment beautiful. And be careful not to imitate someone who is throwing dirt and throwing dirt in a certain place.


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Updated: June 14, 2023

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