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Jadipai Jharna is located in Ruma upazila of Bandarban district in Bangladesh. From bandarban keokradong hill  through the pasing para there is jadipai para hill The distance is about one and half kilometers. According to the locals, the three hill rhymes (jhiri) of Keokradong, Janchia and Jadipai have come together to form the Jadipai spring. A stream of clear water is coming down from about 200 feet above the black stone. The spring later joins the Sangu River.

Passing Para is the highest village in Bangladesh in 10/15 minutes along the eastern slope from Keokradong mountain. Its height is 3065 feet. After crossing the Passing Para, the steep path descended to Jadipai Para. The path is so steep that it is really difficult to set foot in some parts. 30/40 minutes walk to Jadipai Para. About 30 minutes walk from Jadipai Para you will hear the sweet, sweet rinijhini sound of spring water, which means you will reach Jadipai Jharna. However, since Jadipai was laid, the road is not so dangerous. Many roads are very flat but the part near the fountain is very dangerous, slippery and steep .

Jadipai Waterfall is one of the widest and most attractive waterfalls in Bangladesh. Although not the largest in the country in shape, this fountain is the most unique and unique in terms of structure and location. High hills and greenery on all four sides. Pure silence. In the midst of hundreds of years of silence, living in the bosom of countless mountains, Jadipai is hiding behind everyone with a rhythmic ringing sound. The hidden spring water will remove all the fatigue of road work and exhaustion. In between, a stream of clear water is coming down through the rocks. In every fold of Jadipai Jharna there is a beautiful look of intoxicating madness. A colorful rainbow is formed by reading the sun’s rays in three stages of water falling incessantly from about 250 feet.

How to get there

Bandarban can be reached by bus from Dhaka or Chittagong. Ruma can be reached from Bandarban city by moon car (four wheel drive), bus, CNG. If you reserve a moon car / jeep, the rent will be around Tk 3000\4000 since the seasons and the gathering of tourists are different.

And if you can go to Ruma by service bus, the fare will be 100 taka per person. The bus seats are not so good quality. It will take about 2 hours to reach Ruma from Bandarban city. You will have to get off at Ruma and drive to Ruma Bazar by service car, the fare is 30 taka per person.

According to the rules, if you want to go somewhere in the mountains from Ruma Bazaar, you have to take a guide, the guide service charge is 500 taka per day. There is a guide association in the market and you will get a guide only if you go to them. You have to go to the army camp with the guide and register your name, address, phone number etc. as per the rules. If you go to a large group, you can prepare a list in advance on a piece of paper with everyone’s name, address, occupation, phone number and contact number at home.

From Ruma Bazar you have to take a service car or reserve moon car as far as Boga Lake or near Boga Lake. In winter, the moon car goes as far as Bagalek, in the monsoon, the last destination of the moon car is Kamala Bazar. The rest of the way you have to walk, because it is not possible to drive on the slippery, hilly steep road at that time. If you reserve a moon car, you can rent a car for 2200-2500 taka and a service car for 150-200 taka per person. After driving for about an hour and a half, you will reach Kamala Bazar. After that you have to walk (trek) to get to Bagalek. Keokradong on foot from Boga Lake, then Passing Para, Jadipai Falls on foot from Passing Para.

Where will you stay?

You will spend the night at Bagalek. The guide will fix the cottage for you. The rent is 120-150 taka per person. There are different cottages, one storey and two storey. However, Siam Didi’s cottage has a good name. And if you want to spend the night in Keokradong, you will find a restaurant before you get to the top of Keokradong. If you ask them, they will arrange your room. The rent calculation is the same as Bagalek’s.

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Updated: June 19, 2023

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