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Inani Samodra Soikot is the imaging tiger in the tourism sector of Cox’s Bazar district . The location of this coral reef is about 25 and 17 km south of Cox’s Bazar city and Himchhari respectively. This beach is full of unbelievable beauty and is only half an hour away from Cox’s Bazar. Being a beautiful place with the sea in the west and the mountains in the east it’s one of the significant tourist attractions of Bangladesh . From the whole 120 km long Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf beach, Inani beach is the most beautiful, attractive and eye-catching beach. In a word, Inani can be called the paradise of nature.

If you travel to Inani Beach via Teknaf Marine Drive, you will be greeted by high mountains and the rough & restless waves of the sea. Being bored there! it does not even come into the question. Not just the eyes, but the whole time you will be in a kind of turmoil! The mountains on one side and the sea on the other. Which one to leave and which one to see? The subconscious will want to see both sides. Along with various bushes in the mountains, long rows of Zhau trees can be seen on the beach. Sometimes the coconut trees standing proudly on one leg adds a different dimension of beauty. Long rows of betel trees make Inani even more glorious. In places you will see small waterfalls, but In the dry season there might not be water in each of those falls. You can stop the vehicle and visit Inani beach on the way. The sea is on the other side of the road. Sometimes you will see fishing boats lined up on the sand. On the way to Inani beach, you can hear the chirping of the birds in the forest and the roar of the ocean surrounded by sea and enjoy the scenery of the dazzling white waves, the rows of Zhaubagan and the natural scenery of Cox’s Bazar district.

For those who like hustle and bustle, love to hang out with friends, an open roof jeep is a great way to get to Inani. When the jeep rushes at high speed, standing on the open jeep and looking at both sides, it will feel as if you are floating in a dream country. This may be the best experience of your life. On the way you will see boys and girls wearing red school dresses rushing towards school. “Marine Drive” This road is built by the military. On the way you have to cross an army camp. If you have good luck, you will get to see shooting in the path of heroes and heroines that will make your joy double. Many picnic spots in the vicinity, including Inani beach, are now alluring shooting spots for film and drama directors to shoot.

The main attractions of Inani beach are coral and rocks. Its natural corals and rocks from Inani Beach to Teknaf are protecting the beach from sea erosion in addition these stones have given extra beauty to Inani beach. Floating from the sea, a lot of coral has accumulated on the beach here. Almost every stone has different shapes and types. How old is that stone! And how many memories are mixed in it! It’s nice to observe the sea standing on a nice secluded coral. The waves of the sea hit the coral and hit the feet back. Under the clear water, sand layers and various kinds of fish can be seen. Thousands of red crabs flock here in the afternoon on the vast sands.inani has many hatcheries in a scientific way to generate baby shrimp. These sceneries will impress any visitor
The water of Inani beach is so clear and beautiful that you will want to take a bath in the sea water. You will not want to return without taking a bath. This beach is a great place for picnics and bathing. You have to go to Inani with a proper calculation about the tide. Because during high tide you can’t see these corals on the beach. So to enjoy the real beauty you have to go there during low tide. It is better to go very early in the morning. It will be less likely to miss the opportunity and will be able to return in the afternoon. If you do not want to go to sea or do not have such a plan, you can go to Inani beach in the afternoon. The calm sea of ​​the falling afternoon will show you its enormity. You can also return after enjoying the sunset. Due to the high tide in the afternoon, the overflowing crowd is usually less than at other times. Where the sea speaks its own language, it is desirable to have a little less human noise!

On the way back, visit Himchhari. Or if you have time, go to Himchari before dawn the next day. Watch the sunset from the top of the 300 feet high mountain and satisfy your eyes once more. As you ascend, you will begin to see huge mountain forests and open sea.

After reaching the very top, your stressed eyes will be relaxed by the view of Zhau forest, and will get blended with the boundaryless sea. Why not be a witness of different forms of beauty from the different portions of the ocean. Another attraction of Himachari is the waterfalls and the beauty of this fall is not the least.

Where to stay and have meal –

The dining facilities at inani beach have not developed yet so Cox’s Bazar is good for staying and eating.

How to get there:

To go to Inani beach, first you have to go to Cox’s Bazar. Nowadays Cox’s Bazar can be reached from all places. However, if you want to go from Dhaka, you can catch a bus from Gabtoli, Shyamoli, Fakirapul, Sayedabad. Buses of different companies leave for Cox’s Bazar from time to time. Moreover, you can go to Chittagong by train and from Chittagong you can go to Cox’s Bazar by bus. You can also go to Cox’s Bazar by direct flight. From there, rent an autorickshaw, CNG or car and go to Inani beach to see the beautiful outfit of Sagar Kanya.

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Updated: September 17, 2021

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