Horticulture Park – Khagrachari

Khagrachari Hill District Horticulture Park, a huge land of natural beauty, various varieties, mountains, springs and a combination of greenery. Here Wonderful combination of mountains, rivers and lakes where nature speaks in the language of poetry. At the bank of the river, the wind makes a melody in its own way, and sings a beautiful song of nature. The surroundings are like paintings. Thousands of colorful butterflies play here in the middle of the green, in the darkness of the night, the lamp is lit by a group of millions of fireflies. There is an unseen world hidden in every layer here where a beautiful view is waiting for you. The diverse lifestyle and natural beauty of this district fascinates everyone.

What is in horticulture:

  • * Hanging bridge.
  • * Children’s sports facilities in the Kids Zone.
  • * Green enclosure and artificial lake.
  • * Picnic spot.
  • * There are arrangements of Guesthouse and hall rooms.
  • * Serve local traditional food in the food zone.
  • * Opportunity for various events on the open stage.
  • * Birds Park and Observation Tower (recommended).


How to go:

From Khagrachari sadar bazar via Ganjpara Road: Autorickshaw – 10 taka (per person) Rickshaw – 25 taka (per person) From Khagrachari Sadar Bazar via Main Road: Autorickshaw – 20 taka (per person) Rickshaw – 35 taka (per person) Also via all vehicles including motorcycles you can come to this horticulture park very easily.

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Updated: October 16, 2021

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