Himchori – Cox’s Bazar

Himchhari is a tourist destination located in Cox’s Bazar district in the Chittagong division of Bangladesh. It is located 12 km from Cox’s Bazar.  Himchhari has wide beaches on one side and rows of green hills on the other. There is a waterfall in Himchori which is the main attraction of tourists. However, there is  water in the waterfall during the rainy season, there is no water in the other time or it is dry. Yet Himchari is attractive to tourists for its natural beauty and environment.

Himchhari is located at a distance of 9 km from the district headquarters. Himachari, with its mountains, sea and waterfalls, is a tourist spot of natural beauty. During the tourist season, the influx of tourists is more noticeable here. There are several natural waterfalls here. Himchhari Jharna is a must see for tourists who come for picnics in Cox’s Bazar district. On April 29, 1991, a catastrophic cyclone and tidal wave caused severe damage to many tourist spots in and around Himchari. At present the Himchari area has undergone many renovations. The natural beauty of the sea, hills and Cox’s Bazar can be easily enjoyed by climbing the stairs to the high hills. There are many picnic spots on the way to Himchari including Darianagar (Bhangamora). If you want to observe the water flow of small melodious springs, you have to come in the rainy season except for the tourist season.

For those who like to travel, who love to rejoice with friends, for them an open roof jeep is the best vehicle to go to Himchhari. When the jeep runs at a fast speed, standing on the open jeep and looking at both sides, it will feel as if you are floating in a dream country. This may be the best experience of your life. And for those who are a little calm and quiet, rikshaw is the best vehicle for them to take their family or wife politely. When the midday sun goes down, you have to leave. You have to walk through the middle of various shrimp hatcheries in Cox’s Bazar. On the way you will see children wearing red school dress. And there will be trees on both sides of the sea. And then when you have to cross the high bridge, the road to Himchhari will start. There will be high hills on one side of the road and sea on the other side. You will be thrilled to hear the chirping of various birds. This road was built by the army. An army camp on the way. Rows of distant Zhou trees can be seen on the beach along with various bushes in the mountains. Sometimes standing on one leg of a coconut tree adds a different dimension of beauty. In places you will see small mountain springs. In the dry season you may not see water at any of them. You can stop the rickshaw or car and visit the waterfall . The sea on the side of the road. Occasionally you will see rows of fishing boats on the sand

How to go:

Himchhari: 25 km from Ramu and about 10 km south of Cox’s Bazar. There are two ways to reach Himchhari from Cox’s Bazar. Rent a jeep or a rickshaw. Or rent baby taxis and battery-powered auto rickshaws, You can go with that.

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