Hazrat shahrasti (R)’s Mausoleum


The Mausoleum of Hazarat Rasti Shah (R) is located in the shahrasti village of Sripur Upazila of Chandpur district. The great propagator Rasti Shah was born in the Bagdad city of Iraq . He was the inherited of Baropir  Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani (R). His father was a nephew of Hazarat  barapir (R). According to a board in theshrine, He was born in 1238 AD and he came to this country   1351 AD.He was died in 1388.

Hazrat shahrasti (R) was one of tweleve saint came  with the Hazrat Shahjalal(R) came to this coountry.He first came to Yemen to preach Islam 738 BS.  Many said he was Yemeni descent because he came to this country from Yemen. Hazrat Shah Rasti (R) was a bachelor. There is a very old three-domed mosque.Kazi Golam Rasul khan built a three-domed mosque with the commad of Pori Bibi the daugheter  of Subeder Sayesta Khan after  300 years of died Hazrat shahrasti (R).

When a large number of people came to Mureed to Hazrat shahrasti (R), there was a severe water crisis in the area. , Hazrat shahrasti (R) felt the need to dig a tank to solve the problems of the water and the tank began to dig in one night by Marianne within 8-acres land.

How can we go

First you come to Chandppur district from any district of Bangladesh. Then go to Shahrasti upazila.Then you need to hire a rickshow or C.N.G to go to the shrine of Hazrat shahrasti (R).

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Updated: February 8, 2017

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