Haripur Zamidar Bari – Brahmanbaria

Haripur (Zamidar Bari) Boro Bari (Haripur Zamidar Bari) on the east bank of Titas river in Horinber village of Haripur union in Nasirnagar upazila of Brahmanbaria. Some call the house Raj Bari, Barbari and some call it Zamindar Bari.

Currently it is vested property. Every day many people from different parts of the country come to see the house. Every year people come here to shoot dramas and movies. A few pictures of the late Humayun Ahmed’s ‘Ghetuputra Kamala’ have been shot here.

The house is located about 15 kilometers away from the upazila headquarters. There is no way to understand anything from outside the house. The main house is behind the varanda. The house is built in an aesthetic architectural style. The exterior of the house remains intact. Crafted walls, columns and cornices. But if you go too close, you will understand that this house is in a dilapidated and broken state.

Descendants of zamindar priests are living in the risky building. The occupants are living with standard doors. There are 30 families here. It is known that zamindars Gauri Prasad Roy Chowdhury and Krishna Prasad Roy Chowdhury built the house about 175 years ago. 1343 Chaitra (Dol Purnima) of Bengal After the death of Krishna Prasad Roy Chowdhury, Haripada Roy Chowdhury and Shanti Roy Chowdhury inherited the house. Upendra Roy Chowdhury and Harendra Roy Chowdhury got the ownership and zamindari of the house from them. After the partition of the country in 1947, when the zamindari system was abolished, they moved to Calcutta. Leave the priests here.

Most of the plaster on the walls of the house is falling off and moss has accumulated there. There is little bit of craftsmanship that is left to be desired. The three-storey zamindar house, established on about 480 per cent of the land, has about 60 rooms, Rang Mahal, Durbar Hall, paddy field, barn, kitchen, dance hall, mall pond, playground, temple and boundary wall.

There is no rod masonry anywhere in the whole building of the huge house. Two high domes stand proudly on either side of the red brick suraki building. There are six stairs on the six sides of the second floor and two  stairs on each side of the third floor. There are six bedrooms in the additional west-north corner, four on the east side of the mall pond and four on the west side. On the west side of the house are the mausoleums of Krishna Prasad Roy Chowdhury on the north side of the paved ghat on the bank of river Titas and on the south side are the tombs of Gauri Prasad Roy Chowdhury.

How to get there

This traditional Rajbari (Zamindar Bari) Borobari stands as a witness of the Haripur (Zamindar Bari) period on the east bank of Titas river in Haripur village of Nasirnagar upazila.

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Updated: June 15, 2023

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