Hanging Bridge – Rangamati

The ‘Tourist Holiday Complex’ was established in 1986 at the end of Rangamati town near Karnafuli Lake. There is a beautiful ‘tourist motel’ here. Note that the tourist motel area is also known as ‘Deer Park’. The vast expanse of lake visible from the motel area and the distant blue high and low mountain ranges create a natural atmosphere here. I don’t think there is anyone in Bangladesh who has not seen the picture of this bridge. I came here many, many years ago. I think the main attraction of the bridge is its location. The surroundings and the beautiful environment have made it so attractive. I spent some time here, I also took some pictures.

Here is the 335-foot-long Jhulonto Setu – which has multiplied the importance and attraction of the complex. The bridge is already known as the ‘Symbol of Rangamati’. There are also auditoriums, parks, picnic spots, speed boats and domestic boats.

How to go:

Rangamati town can be reached directly to the ‘tourist complex’ by road. There are car parking facilities. Those who come by service bus from Dhaka or Chittagong will have to get off at Tabalchhari and reserve by autorickshaw (fare amount is approximately 80-100 / -).

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Updated: June 16, 2023

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