Ham Ham Waterfall – MouloviBazar

Ham Ham or Cita Jorna (waterfall) is situated at Kurma bit area in Rajkandi deep reserve forest under the Upazila Komolgonj in Moulovibazar district. A tourist team along with tourist guide Shyamol debobarma  discovered this waterfall at the end of 2010.

It is about 135 or 147 or 160 feet high. Whereas Madobkondo the tallest waterfall of the country is about 162 feet high. This is only the assumption of tourist. There is no authority to measure this. But researcher give their opinion that its range would be three times than Madobkonda.

How was it naming hamham? There are different opinion about naming. Someone says that there is a relation between (gosol) bath and jhorna( waterfall). So, it comes from Ham + Ham to hammam. Hammam means bathroom.

Hamham get its full rhythm in raiy season. water onrush to the below. But in winter it lose its youth and get into narrow stream. There are lots of flow created from this spreaded waterfall. You have to go through within craggy path to reach there. Usually the tourist hire local people as guider to visit there. Morever there is no infrustracture on behalf of govt. yet.

You have to go through on Champaray tea garden to reach in waterfall. It is about 7km from champaray tea garden to Hamham waterfall. You have to pass through on small elevation, small pathway, streamy and muddy way. You have to bear the biting of mosquito.If you visit here in rainy season, you will get another small water fall in the pathway. In Hamaham, there are two step of falling. Water is falling in the middle from the top and then water is falling in the below again. Inhabitants of this area are Indigenous Tripura.

There are banana, jarul, chikrashi, and Kadam trees in rows on the way. Butterfly is flying through the forest. Lots of entellus are playing on the branch of fig tree and cane garden. There are various species of bamboo named Dolu,muli,khali etc. Tourist take necessary food and water to pass the extreme path. But they show apathy to take back this used plastic bottle and packet. They throw this things here and there. So, environment are being messy for this.

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Updated: July 30, 2017

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