Hakaluki Haor – Sylhet

Hakaluki haor is consisted with 238 swamp or bill. It is an area of vast sweet water. Two river Juri and panai are the main source of water of this haor. Hakaluki fills with water in the rainy season. In this time its depth is 2-6 meter. The main bills are: Chtla bill, Cukia bill, Pinglar kona bill, futi bill, Tural bill, Tekuni bill, Paol bill, Juyala bill, Khayarkona bill, balijuri bill, Kukurdubi bill, Birai bill, Dudal bill etc.

It has discordance about the naming of Hakaluki haor. On dit, long year ago, Leader hangor sing hide( hide means luki deoa)  himself being frightened by army of King of Tripura. From their name Hangor and from luki ( hide) the names comes Haka luki.

Its area is about 181.15 square km. It is expanded over 5 Upazila and 11 union. Its 40% area in Borolekha, 30% in Kulaura, 15% in Fenjugonj, 10% in Guplagonj and 5% under the upazila Bianibazar. For falling silt the bill are being narrow gradually. After fall down of water at the end of rainy season, there are cultivated paddy in little part of bills. Cattle are seen to graze. Some people lead their life on grazing and selling milk.

How to go Hakaluki Haor

You can come to shylet town by Bus or Train from anywhere, then you have to take a CNZ until Hakaluki Haor.

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Updated: July 21, 2017

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