Guava garden of Sarupkathi- Pirojpur

The people of the villages of Kuriyana, Adamakathi, Dhalahara, Kathurakathi, Andakula, Jindakathi,Brahmanakathi, Ata, Jamuya, Madra, Jhalokati, Sasida, East Jalabari, Adabari and  Jausara of Sarupkathi upazila of Pirujpur distric and 36 villages from the dristrict of Jhalkathi and Barisal cultivated guava in the thousands hectares of land. Thousands of farmers  has been cultivated guaba in thir guaba garden.There are  approximately 7/8 thousands people are directly and indirectly involved in maintaining their livelihoods by working and merketing of guaba cultivation.

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Updated: February 8, 2017

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