Dharmasagar Dighi – Comilla

The huge gigantic lake located in the heart of comilla city is the Dharmasagar Dighi. Dharmasagar Dighi was named after King Dharmapala. About 200-250 years ago, in about 1750 or 1808 AD, Dharmapala was the king. He was the king of the Pala dynasty. There was famine in Bengal then.The king dug this lake to help the famine stricken people. The main purpose of the king was to alleviate the water woes of the people of this region. Dharmasagar is one of the few lakes in the country called Sagar and also the most significant. In the late afternoon, when the light of the sun began to fade away, the shores of Dharmasagar gradually began to shine in the footsteps of hundreds of visitors. It’s like a reunion every day. Comilla Children’s Park is in the northern corner of Dharmasagar. The view of the lake can be enjoyed, this children’s park has greenery and huge big trees. Sitting in this children’s park fills the mind to feel good.

The green forest on the lake side has given a different dimension to Dharmasagar. Rows of large trees arranged in layers. In the middle of it is a cement bench. In a word, wonderful. This is an ideal place for those who want to visit in the afternoon. If you want, you can rent a boat and go around and visit the lake. All in all it is an extraordinary and aesthetic sight.

How to go:

Tisha (01731217322) from Sayedabad, Upakul (01981002932, 01981002942), BRTC from Kamalapur (01770493775) or Shasnagachha of Comilla by Asia Line Transport. Rent from Tk. 200 to Tk. 270. After that in rickshaw auto Bhadurtala/ Dharmasagar. The rent will be 15 to 20 taka.

Where will you stay?

There are several hotels and guest houses including Comilla Club, Comilla City Club. There are all types of AC or non-AC systems. The cost of living in a room for two will be 1 thousand to 3 thousand taka per night. Apart from this there are Hotel Chandrima, Hotel Sonali, Hotel, Shalban, Hotel, Nidra Bagh, Ashiq Rest House etc. The rent is between 200 to 600 taka.

Ashik Residential Rest House – Address: 186, Nazrul Avenue Comilla, Tel: 61781

Hotel Abedin – Address: Station Road Comilla, Tel: 76014

Hotel Nurjahan – Address: Dhaka-Chittagong Highway, Comilla, Tel: 68737

Hotel Sonali – Address:Kandirpar chattar comilla, Tel:63188

There is also a BARD near the Shalban Buddhist monastery. You can also stay there by contacting BARD.

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Updated: October 2, 2021

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