Dharanti Haor – Brahmanbaria

Meghna in the west, Titas in the east. Huge haor in the middle. The name is Akashi Haor. The water is glistening in the sunlight. The Sarail-Nasirnagar road has been cut off by the haor. If you stand on this road in Dharanti village, at the end of the day you will see the sun hiding under the water. Like another Cox’s Bazar.

From Baishakh to the month of Ashin(Bangla month), the haor has fulfilled in the water. The waves of Akashi Haor can wash away all the fatigue and exhaustion of busy life. Some people call Dharanti located in Kali Kaccha union of Sarail upazila as Mini Cox’s Bazar. This mini Cox’s Bazar of Dharanti is quenching the thirst of hundreds of travel thirsty people every day. During Eid and other festivals there is an overflowing crowd of people.

Due to its amazing natural beauty, this dharanti haor of Brahmanbaria attracts the attention of tourists. Dharanti Haor is located in Sarail upazila, about 35 km north of Brahmanbaria town. Every afternoon, innumerable people gather on both sides of the Sarail-Nasirnagar road running over the haor to see the natural beauty.

Although there is no sea beach in this haor, it is incomparable in terms of beauty. This is why many people call it Mini Cox’s Bazar!

Haor can be traveled by small boat or speedboat. Many tourists from different parts of the country have demanded the construction of necessary infrastructure including construction of seating areas for tourists. On the western end of this horizon, there are numerous canals including Meghna and Titas rivers. Every year from the month of Baisakh to the month of Ashin there is full of water in this haor for six months.

How to go Dharanti Haor

Dharanti is only three hours away from Dhaka. From Dhaka you have to come by bus of different transport to Sarail highway road. From highway road you can take a CNG powered auto rickshaw to Dharanti Mini Cox’s Bazar. Besides, you can take a train from Dhaka to Brahmanbaria or Ashuganj and take a bus or a CNG-powered auto rickshaw from the highway road.





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Updated: June 15, 2023

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