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The belief of ​​the Tripuras is that the god himself made this pond as a blessing to the local people. According to them, bathing in this pond will fulfill the desire. This pond is located on a hill at a height of thousands of feet, 12 km away from Khagrachari town. Every year a pilgrimage fair is held here on Baishuk. Maichchhari is seven kilometers from Khagrachari-Mahlchari-Rangamati road. Nunchhari village is four kilometers west of Maichchari. Devota Pukur (Devota Pond) as soon as you reach the top of the hill by following the hill path of one kilometer from this Nunchhari village. The clear still water of this pond will provide peace of mind to the tourists.

In addition to this scenic view, you can visit Shantipur Forest Cottage, Dighinala Bon Bihar, also you can visit the hundred year old young buddhist temple in the center of khagrachari town to know the culture of the indigenous people of the region, especially the Buddhist community.

The lake, situated on a 5 acre site about 700 feet above sea level in Nunchhari mouza of Myschari area of ​​Khagrachari district, is actually known as Devtar’s pond. It is said that the water god himself dug the pond to quench the thirst of the locals. The water in the pond is considered by the locals to be a blessing from the gods. The water of the pond never dries up even after being so high because the pond was created by the miracle of the gods.

Nunchhari is a small river formed from the Alutila mountain range of Nunchhari mouza in Myschhari area of ​​Myschhari area, just 05 km south of Khagrachari district headquarters. Get off the bus on the main road and walk a couple of kilometers. If you have your own transport, with it you can go straight at the foot of the  river. You may feel like a conqueror when you cross the high mountains on foot. If you are tired, you can take a little rest in the lap of the mountain. On the way you can see huge rocks in the weak current of Nunchhari river. Stable stones in clear water will fascinate you. Your mind will be thrilled by the fascination with the wonderful beauty of nature. Many photo-loving tourists take pictures here. At an altitude of 700 feet above sea level, the pond of the gods on the top of the hill is like the blessing of the god of fairy tales.Nowhere else in Bangladesh is there such a high reservoir of salil bari.

This deity pond is filled to the brim with water during the rainy season and does not dry up at any time of the year. Extensive mountain range around the pond. It is located about 1000 feet vertically east-west in the middle of it. The size of the pond is about 1500 feet in length and about 600 feet in width.

Where to stay?

Hotel Masud is located in the main market of Khagrachari for spending the night. There are rooms here for 100 to 200 taka. Chowdhury Boarding on Adalat Road, Sampriti Hotel in Khagrachari Bazar and Shilpi Boarding on Court Road. Hotel Threster is located on Narayan Road. There are also tourist motels.

How to go:

On the Khagrachari-Mahalchhari-Rangamati road, 11 km south of the district headquarters, 4 km west of the main road, is the location of the pond of the ever-peaceful deity in Noonchhari mouza of Sadar upazila.

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Updated: October 16, 2021

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  1. The best time for visit is early morning, than you will have enough energy to tracking , there is around 2000 number of stair. bringing umbrella & water is the best option to safe your self from the burning SUN. almost required arround 30-60 minutes(Depends on your health conditions.) to reach Devota Pukur by tracking from the downstairs village.

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