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Cox’s Bazar beach is the longest undivided beach in the world (সমুদ্র সৈকত). One of the most significant features of this 120km long sea beach is that the whole beach is sandy, mud does not exist here. During the tourist season the state of art, hotel, motel cottages, and newly decorated Burmese markets the Cox’s Bazar city bustle with tourists visiting the coral market, stalls of various species of snails and oysters adjacent to Baliari beach.

The activities of Bangladesh Tourism Corporation and the local Sea-Beach Management Committee are working to beautify Cox’s Bazar beach. The old oyster market has been demolished and the newly built modern oyster market ‘Beach Park Market’ in the form of an eight-colored umbrella is truly worth seeing. Although there is space for construction of eight shops in each market, with mutual understanding the shopkeepers have built sixteen instead of eight and in some cases twenty.

Three more similar umbrella markets are under construction. In addition to snail-oyster and coral shops, these markets include various shops including Burmese products, cosmetics, fast food, cooling corners, dry goods, studios, mobile shops. At the entrance to the beach, under the financial patronage of Cox’s Bazar District Council, the eye-catching Beach Garden Cum Park and Oyster Market with 26 shops have been constructed. A two-storeyed observation tower and a permanent open stage for the district administration have been constructed at Laboni Point in front of the garden with the funding of the district council and the supervision of the Beach Management Committee.

Cox’s Bazar beach is a magical and beautiful beach. Every day and each time it changes its form. No matter what the season is, winter, monsoon, spring or summer, the look of the beach is very different. It is different in the morning and different in the afternoon. There is a big difference between the weather on the beach at dusk and the weather at night.
That’s why Captain Cox’s beach is so much appreciated by domestic and foreign tourists. They come to embrace the sea-beach, to bathe, to enjoy its beauty to the fullest and to enjoy the fresh air in an unadulterated and safe environment.

In order to increase the popularity of sea-beach, the authorities organize open concerts, national and international beach-football, beach-volleyball, beach-cricket competitions, national whirlwind festivals, sand sculptures and other events on various national and important days.

To make surfing a popular sport in Bangladesh, the local administration has given temporary permission to set up a temporary surfing cottage for a surfing club at Laboni Point on Sea-Beach. The recent addition of beach police for the safety of tourists on the beach is undoubtedly a commendable initiative of the government.

There are permanent-temporary billboards and banners at the initiative of the district administration and the district council to display the tides. In addition, the local administration has given conditional permission to a few private companies to install LCD TV monitors at Kalatali, Sugandha and Laboni points on the beach to promote cyclone and tidal public awareness and educational advertisements.

Beach bikes, jet skis, horse-drawn carriages or horses at Cox’s Bazar’s Silver Beach provide delightful feelings for tourists. Due to the installation of many changing rooms, bathrooms, toilets on the beach, tourists are not having any difficulty in responding to the natural call.

When to go

The peak season in Cox’s Bazar is October to March. At this time more tourists come as there is less rain. In addition, the beaches are more enjoyable in the winter, but the crowd is more nevertheless. Despite the off-peak season, there are many tourists after two Eids and three days of holidays. It is not right to go without booking at this time. Off-season hotels offer discounts of 30% to 60%. In addition, the waves are much larger during the rainy season. Ships to St. Martin usually run from October to April. If you want to go to St. Martin, you can go at that time.


At present, the hotels in Cox’s Bazar have a capacity of about 150,000 people. So even if you don’t book, there is a possibility of getting a hotel. However, at the end of December and the beginning of the new year, it would not be right to take this risk. Cox’s Bazar hotels / motels / resorts can be divided into three categories according to the price.
6,000-10,000: Mermaid Beach Resort, Simon Beach Resort, Ocean Paradise, Long Beach, Cox’s today, Heritage, etc. 3,000-6,000: Sea Palace, Sea Gal, Coral Reef, Nitol Resort, Islandia, Beach View, Sea Crown, Uni Resort etc. 800 – 3,000: Urmi Guest House, Coral Reef, Ikra Beach Resort, Abhisar, Media Inn, Kallol, Honeymoon Resort, Nilima Resort etc. There are also some low cost hotels available (such as Zia Guest House), so look for them.

Keep in mind in off season the rent of hotels can be discounted to more than half. If there is an opportunity, it is best to go down to Cox’s Bazar and find a hotel by bargaining with the hotel manager. The hotel should not be searched on the advice of rickshaw pullers or CNG drivers. Now almost all the hotels have a Facebook page or website, from there you can also contact the number first. But it is better to book from December 15 to January 15. Also, if you go on working days, you can get more discounts than weekends.

Apart from hotels, some flats are also available for rent. If you have a large family, this type of flat may be more suitable for you. Rent for 2/3/4 bed room AC / non AC, kitchen with such flat will be 2,000 to 15,000 taka per day. Phone number of such a flat house (Alpha Web, Kalatali Road 01715683956), Voyager (01616100400). There are also many more in Hotel Islander Alley, you can explore.

Eating arrangements

There are many restaurants to eat in Cox’s Bazar. Among the budget restaurants, the names of Zhaoban and Poushi restaurant come first. There are several restaurants like this, the quality of the food is pretty much the same. They are Rodela, Dhansindri, Niribili. The price list according to the menu is given below. In different seasons price may vary Rice: 20-40tk, Mixed vhorta: 75/150/300 (8-10 items) Loitta Fry: 100-120 (6-10 pieces per plate) Coral / Vetki: 150 (per piece, beef: 150-200 (2 person can share) Rupchanda Fry / cooked: 300-400 (Large, 2 people can eat), Pulses: 30-60 Particularly notable name Poushi. It’s located in the town a little further from the hotel zone. Rickshaw / auto will take 50 tk. The prices are pretty much the same. But the crowd is too much because the food is good. Besides, you can eat Hyderabadi Biryani at Handi Restaurant for 200-250 taka. Located at Laboni Point. There is also KFC if anyone wants to eat.

How to go

Buses from Cox’s Bazar run directly to major cities, including the capital Dhaka. For example, Chittagong, Khulna, Sylhet, Rangpur etc. There are many non-AC vehicles from Dhaka. Shyamoli, TR, Hanif, Unique, S Alam, Soudia, etc. The rent will be 800 taka. And if you want to go by AC-bus then Green Line, Saidia, Desh Travels, TR, Sohag etc. Rent will be 1600 (economy class) to 2000 taka (business class). It may take about 12-14 hours. There is also a service called St. Martin’s Transport which runs to Teknaf. Unique and Shyamli services are good for non AC and Desh and TR Travels and Desh Travels services are good for AC.

From Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar car is available every hour from BahaddarHat. Most cars are also extremely local. Good service is provided by S Alam and Saidia, dispatches from Garibullah Shah Mazar, Dampara. The fare of local buses is 150-200 taka and direct buses are 350-400 taka.

You can also go by plane. Return fares range from tk 8,000 to tk 12,000. One way fares start at tk 5,000. US Bangla, NovoAir, Bangladesh Biman goes to Cox’s Bazar. The condition of United Air is not good, it is better not to travel in it. If you want to go at a low cost, air is the best way, but you have to buy a ticket first.

Many people want to go to Chittagong by train and then from there to Cox’s Bazar. In that case you have to come to Chittagong from Dhaka by Turna-Nishitha, Suborn Express, Mahanagar Prabhati / Godhuli, Chittagong Mail. You can take a BRTC bus from the BRTC counter on the opposite side of Chittagong Railway Station to Cox’s Bazar. Or take CNG to New Bridge or Dampara and get in the car of Cox’s Bazar. You can know the detailed train schedule and fare from the railway’s website.

If you have more information or any correction in this information please comment here.

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Updated: September 30, 2021

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