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The Chimbuk Pahar / Hill of Bandarban, known as Darjeeling in Bengal, is very old. Due to its natural beauty, Chimbuk hill is well known abroad even beyond the borders of the country. Chimbuk hill, known as the queen of mountain beauty of Bangladesh, is the third largest hill in the country. The view of sunset and sunrise from this hill will fascinate any tourist. It is an exceptional tourist spot located 26 kilometers from the district town and about 2600 feet above sea level.

The hilly scenery on both sides of the road from Bandarban to Chimbuk is very beautiful. The surrounding green hills and forests will catch the eye. On the way to Chimbuk there are numerous tribal habitats. The houses are built as high as scaffolding. The Sangu River on the way to Chimbuk will make your trip more interesting and aesthetic. When you go through the highest road of Bangladesh in the middle of the mountains, you will feel as if you are crossing the moon by car.

As soon as you climb the hill, anyone will be amazed to see this neat and well-arranged hilltop. Any vehicle climbs to the top of the paved road. After getting up, the stairs to the south went down to a huge courtyard. The square has been named Nobo Chattar. From this view point in autumn you can see the sea of ​​huge clouds. Even in the scorching heat of summer, the cold wind blows here. The vastness of the mountains and sky can be enjoyed standing in this courtyard. Standing on the hill you will see the raft of clouds floating down. The surrounding districts of Cox’s Bazar and various upazilas of Chittagong can be seen from here. Seeing the clouds floating on the side of the hill in the rainy season, it seems that Chimbuk is floating in the heaven of clouds.

In front of the stairs are two small viewpoints of two levels. If one does not want to go down then one can stand there and enjoy the beauty. There are three lovely concrete chairs and tables on the west side where the stairs end. The shadow of the tree falls on it. There is also a seating arrangement on the east side for chatting or enjoying private time in the last afternoon sun.

Straight to the top of the main road and the resthouse of the town. The road has gone north to Thanchi. Nilgiris along the east corner. Beautiful viewpoints have also been built on a few levels to the north. Even if thousands of people come together, the whole Chimbuk will be able to give space.

Another specialty of Chimbuk is the fruit of the mountain that matches the twelve months just down the road. Papaya, banana, sugarcane, dab, sharifa, orange, plum are available according to the season. However, banana-papaya matches all year round. All fruits are fresh. Apples are kind of chemical free. Tourists always like to eat these fruits.

The Marmas live at the foot of the hill below Chimbuk. Many of them depend on this mountain for their livelihood. They are basically associated with different systems here. Some Burmese and indigenous products are also available here.

How to get there

First you have to go to Bandarban town. Vehicles of several transport companies leave for Bandarban every day from different parts of Dhaka. You can go to Bandarban by taking one of the buses like Shyamli, Hanif, Unique, S Alam, Dolphin. These buses leave Kalabagan, Sayedabad or Fakirapul for Bandarban at 10 pm or 11:30 pm.

There are two direct non-AC buses named Purabi and Purbani from Bahaddarhat terminal in Chittagong which leave for Bandarban every 30 minutes.

To get to Chimbuk you have to hire a jeep, Land Cruiser, Land Rover, Pajero and Bandarban-Thanchi from Ruma bus station in Bandarban (a special bus which is able to travel on inaccessible mountain roads). It is risky to travel by bus as the road is quite inaccessible. No vehicles ply on the Chimbuk-Thanchi road after 4 pm. So tourists should come back by 4 o’clock.

Where to stay

If anyone wants to stay here in a loving environment there is a  rest house,  and arrangements. Anyone contacting the NDC can spend the night at the district administration’s resthouse. If you spend the night in the rest house on a moonlit night, then there is no question. It’s really lucky to see the moon in the open air from a huge viewpoint. Apart from this rest house, there are numerous resorts, hotels, motels and rest houses in Bandarban. Where you can spend the night for 600 to three thousand rupees.  Click here to see all hotels in Bandarban.

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Updated: June 19, 2023

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