Chhera Island / dbip- Cox’s Bazar

Chhera Island is the last southernmost point of Bangladesh map, Bangladesh has no more territory at south rather than these dips. Apart from St. Martin, there are several islands with an area of ​​100 to 500 square meters, which are locally known as ‘Chheradia’ or ‘Siradia’. Chhera means isolated or separated, and the islands are called Chhera Dbip because they are isolated from the mainland.

This three kilometers sized Chhera Island is located 5 km south of St. Martin’s Island. The island was discovered in the late 2000’s. Thi dbip is named cherra dbip because during high tide the island gets separated from St. Martin This island is made of coral in the middle of the blue water. From a distant view, it looks like a forest floating in the middle of the ocean; As you approach towards the island, you will see coral reefs and sand waves playing on Chhera Island.The ripples of the Bay of Bengal have further enhanced the beauty of the island.

On the way from Cox’s Bazar to St. Martin’s , near the bridge you have to take small boats. Tourists have to wait for the high tide to reach Chhera Island because without full tide in the sea, it becomes difficult to get on the boat.

The blue water of the Bay of Bengal fascinates the tourists, the beauty of the waves crashing on the coral reefs, the moment the waves are coming and clearing the beach is mesmerizing. While walking on the sparkling sand you can enjoy the waves of the Bay of Bengal. Another interesting aspect of St. Martin is the path that you cross by boat during high tide, you can see only sand and coral there right two hours later. If you don’t go near and observe closely, no one will think that I have crossed through here in a small boat just two hours ago.

There are many beautiful landscapes to be seen on Chhera Island, Sea waves and rows of coconut trees will charm you. Chhera dbip is also home for many species of seabirds. Researchers have found 182 species of biodiversity here, including 4 species of amphibians, 130 species of birds, 20 species of mammals, and the presence of marine mammals on this beautiful island.A 33,238-year-old coral fossil has also been found on the island.

You will be deprived of seeing something very significant if you don’t look for the reservoir located in the northern part of the island. At the time of high tide this reservoir gets connected with the sea by a narrow channel on the west coast.

In winter, the island attracts a huge number of guest birds and such a scenario makes the surrounding and natural beauty increase by a hundred times more. On a moonlit night, any traveler will be fascinated by the magnificent beauty of Chhera Island ,campinging on the full moon at the very top of Chhera Island is really something different you can experience on this earth.

Only one family lives on St. Martin’s Island. Hussein Ali’s family. Hossain Ali has four children in this family. Hussein Ali is survived by his eldest son Saddam, daughter Mausumi, two other children and wife Rahima Khatun. Hossain Ali has been living on Chhera Island with his family since 1997. Their life revolves around the tourists. There’s a shop from where tourists can find various items of juice and water. Besides, if anyone wants, they can also have their lunch and dinner from here.

There are Keora trees (Sonneratia apetala) everywhere around Chhera Island including St. Martin. The name Keora tree is probably the reason why the roots of Keora tree are wrapped around the rake. This tree protects the islanders from storm surges to some extent. Therefore, Keora tree is also working as a life saver for the islanders.

Where to stay

There are many residential hotels to stay in St. Martin and Cox’s Bazar. Overnight staying is available at any hotel.

How to go

From Cox’s Bazar you have to go to St. Martin by ship or boat. From St. Martin you have to sail again to the chhera island.

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