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The Cheragi Pahar Square is already known as the grazing ground of art, literature, culture and creative practice in the commercial city of Chittagong. The area is now known as Cheragi Junction. With the passage of time, this enlightened hill station has become a hotbed of people of different ages. Here, the environment of the whole area is full of people from different walks of life including poets, journalists, writers, playwrights, artists, singers, readers of creative books, organizers, cultural activists, political activists. Culture is the bearer and carrier of our heritage. Growing up in a cultural environment with this tradition, the area became enchanted by the humming of the morning and evening to find solace. Cheragi Hills is located at the junction of Momin Road and Jamal Khan Road on the northside of DC Hill. So the professionals around, the employees, Becoming a teacher-student, he became the mouthpiece of thoughtful people. It is also the main office and bureau office of various print and electronic media, making it a particularly attractive place for journalists. Flower Mau Mau Saurabh is always popular here as an aesthetic malach of mind and thought. So even though it is not a wide range, in a short range this courtyard is like an oasis in a desert. In the midst of the hardships of the brick and stone of civic life, an enchanting obsession of contemplative green liveliness spreads here at eight o’clock. In the development of human creative work, the Cheragi hill area is intoxicated with the pleasures of creation; Here, the time of the visitors is spent in the middle of the day. Gradually the hypnotic tension of Cheragi turn is increasing among everyone. The time of the visitors is wasted. Gradually the hypnotic tension of Cheragi turn is increasing among everyone. The time of the visitors is wasted. Gradually the hypnotic tension of Cheragi turn is increasing among everyone. The time of the visitors is wasted. Gradually the hypnotic tension of Cheragi turn is increasing among everyone. The time of the visitors is wasted. Gradually the hypnotic tension of Cheragi turn is increasing among everyone.

Hazrat Badr Auliya, a Sufi saint from Arabia, came to Chittagong on a piece of rock floating in the sea to spread Islam. At that time, Chittagong city was surrounded by uninhabited deep mountains and was the abode of jinn-fairies. Hazrat Badr Auliya (ra) with a miraculous earthen lamp in his hand climbed a hill through the deep forest and the jinn-fairies stopped him and said, there is no human place in their abode. In the darkness of the night, Hazrat Badr Aulia (R). ) If the jinn ask the fairies only for a place to keep the lamp, they agree. When he lights a miraculous lamp, the jinn fairies start to feel intense burning pain in their body if they continue to radiate intense energy from it. Then at one stage they were forced to leave Chittagong and gradually people started living here. In this way the hill for holding lamps became known as Cheragi hill. Symbolically, Chittagong was illuminated by lighting a lamp from here and Chittagong has been illuminated continuously since then.

Assorted Hats: Numerous daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly magazines, TV channels, publishing houses, printing, hawker associations as well as social service organizations, bands, bank-insurance, ad-firm, stationery, computer training centers, hospitals, temples, halls around the area. Above all, all kinds of commercial, social and industrial literary organizations. Hundreds of thousands of people from the city, port and village are coming to these institutions every day. The Cheragi Hills, one of the commercial capitals of Chittagong, has a daily turnover of tens of thousands of crores of rupees. Where business also plays a significant role in trade and economics. There are also numerous clinics, hospitals, diagnostic centers and coaching centers around Cheragi hill. On the other hand, it can be assumed that the demand for unemployment and the manifestation of creativity are coming from this place.

In the evening, young and old, as well as people of all ages, flock to the chat room. Criticism, discussion, book unwrapping, music, poetry reading, journalists, writers, cultural activists, artists, leftist political leaders and activists of all classes are present in the chat room of Cheragi hill known as Mediapara. All in all, the tradition and aesthetics of the area is increasing day by day. And the look of the busiest Cheragi hill area is constantly becoming modern.

Even in the middle of the night, the face light: 2 to 3 o’clock at night chats are in a different category. Newspapers and press workers gather at the Cheragi intersection on a lonely night to relax. Even though not all the shops are open, they stumble upon the couple that are open for colorful tea-biscuits and a cigarette. Cigarette butts turn the chatter to the other side. The noise of the lamp gradually diminished.

Publishing Company and Bookstore: Cheragi’s hangout is crowded with journalists, poets and writers centered on the publishing company. And publishing company Shaili Prakashan, Abir Prakashan, Nandan, Shabdashas, ​​Balaka Prakashan have been playing a significant role. There are also elite bookstalls Ñ lighthouses, paradises, the first in the distance, the library. The book-loving people are meeting the demand for creative and valuable books as well as the hangout. Some distance away, the bookstore called Kathakali is sitting silently as a witness of tomorrow.

Flower Kingdom, and 6: Numerous establishments as well as the area’s flower shops have transformed the Cheragi hills into one of the most aesthetic environments in the area. The traders have arranged flower stalls of different species. It looks like a whole flower kingdom. Although sometimes it causes traffic jams for the common people. Yet the fragrance of flowers fascinates everyone. Hospital, drug store in front again; There are garments. Garments made are exported to different parts of the world. And the newspaper offices spread the news of the state all over the country. Of course, the role of newspaper office and journalists is the real life of Cheragi. Poets, journalists and cultural activists are the constant companions of Cheragi. They seem to support each other. Meanwhile, There is also some time to stay calm in DC Hill. There is also a close association of very close people. Even if it is for a short time. DC Hill gave him a chance to catch a glimpse before he gasped while working in the office. Of course, there are occasional ceremonies here. Most of the programs revolve around Bengali and Bengali, to nurture Bengali culture. In fact, this little green hill fascinates the city. One end of this valley is Cheragi hill. The center of which has developed a huge cultural environment.

Auditorium: ‘Moniruzzaman Islamabadi Memorial Hall’ surrounds Cheragi. Where various discussions, cultural events and rehearsals of playwrights are held. As a result, a rich environment of art, literature and culture is created in the area.

Natyadal: Several Natyadals have also been formed in the area adjacent to Cheragi. Cheragi liveliness has increased in their footsteps. Among the drama groups – Binodini, Fame, Lok Theater, Pratinidhi, Pratibhas, etc.


Recitation organizations: Recitation organizations are not less. The members of Bodhan, Proma, Tritaranga, Legend, Anarya Anasvar, Shabda Anchor gathered in the chat.

Music and Cultural Organizations: Charan, Udichi, Samageet, Absar, Lok Sanskritik Mancha etc.

University graduates: Chittagong University is a little far from Chittagong city, but many students from Chittagong city go to the university every day to take classes. Classes are closed, or classmates or acquaintances come to light at special times. The main thing is to be able to get in touch with each other apart from talking and exchanging ideas. Lest buy a book or two! Again they jumped into the chat room and went to Nandan, in front of the lighthouse.

LittleMag staff: Which new book has come on the market, which LittleMag has come out, who wrote it, the discussion of various papers is discussed by the LittleMag staff. Talking about the combination of new ideas, big paper, small paper, there is always a debate.

Political leaders and activists: Many progressive people of progressive political style also come to Cheragi during their time. As soon as they get a chance, they rush to some bookstores at Cheragi. And they are – Badruddin Omar, Anu Muhammad, Haider Akbar Khan Rono, Rashed Khan Menon, Dilip Bara-ya and others.

To establish Cheragi 6: ‘Unity in Cheragi Adda’ has been launched to give a permanent shape to this creative chat at Cheragi turn. Recently, the Chittagong Addaru Sammilan was held for the first time in Bangladesh on the initiative of this organization. This organization has risen and fallen to take forward all the various but creative activities of Cheragi turn.

And then there are the cultural events held at different times in the area that fascinate the people even more. If all these creative cultural events and book fairs are organized in the area regularly, then the environment of the area will be more prosperous. The trend of a healthy beautiful environment will continue more. May the reputation of Cheragi as the center of practice for all creative activities in Chittagong be immortal.

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Cheragi Hills is a cultural and historical site located in Chittagong.



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