Chandpur-Belgaum Tea Garden – Chittagong

Places of interest in Banshkhali upazila top-ranked tourist area Chandpur Belgao Cha Bagan. It is located in Pukuria Union No. 1. In this tea-garden there are tea-trees and tea-trees on the tops of high and low hills. Thousands of visitors flock to this traditional tea garden. Starting from different schools, college teachers organize educational tours in this tea garden. There is a tea leaf making machine in this tea garden. There is a stool.


How to get there:

Chittagong. From Banshkhali Upazila, you can go to Chandpur Belgao Tea Garden located in Pukuria Union No. 1 by CNG / bus.



This traditional Chandpur Belgao tea garden is located in Pukuria Union No.1.


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Updated: June 14, 2023

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