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Bichanakandi is one of outstanding geographical tourist place between India and Bangladesh border. You can see the flags of India standing there 100 feet’s away. Even you can see the beautiful waterfalls coming to Bichankandi from India. The water comes from the cloudy mountains to small rocks, and clean fresh water and all these things together make this place so breathable with green, mint natural views. A wooden bridge let tourist to move around from water line to up hills, so that their domestic animals can move easily.
From different stones to mountains, open sky, fresh clean waters all these together make Bichanakandi is perfect beautiful place. This place is very comfortable to stay around. Whoever comes to visit this place usually fall in love with this marvelous, astonishing natural views. So come here and enjoy a delightful time in  Bichanakandi.
BICHANAKANDI is more or less alike JAFLONG, where we find different sources of mines. But in winter Bichanakandi is not suitable for due reasons, like crowding of tracks, and smalls boats. BUT in rainy season you will find the best natural views of BICHANAKANDI.

How to go from DHAKA to BICHANAKANDI.

You can come to shylet town by Bus or Train from anywhere, then you have to take a CNZ until HADAR Bazar. CNZ fare around 500 TK. Even from AMBARKHAN you can go there by taking a CNZ, there, one CNZ takes 4 passengers at a time and CNZ fare is 80 Tk per person. It takes one and half an hour. Landing HADAR Bazar you have to take a local boat to go BICHANAKANDI, boat fare around 400 – 500 Tk up-down. But due to shortages of boat local people ask more fare, so fix the price first, then enjoy the beautiful tour.

How to go Bichanakandi  by Private vehicles:

It is easy to go by private vehicles, from shylet town to Bichanakandi is 60 km away in (north – east) Gowainghat Upojela, Rustampur union. you have to take Bholagange road, from right side of salutikor road you have to take Gowainghat link road. Within one and half an hour you will reach to Destiny BICHANAKANDI.

Where to stay in visiting Bichanakandi?

There are many hotels in shylet town. Since you can go and are able to back town in within daytime, so staying town is more good idea.

Hotels name and contact numbers.

Hotel Fortune Garden. (Nayorpole) 0821-715590
Hotel Dulas. (Jail-Road) 0821-720945
Hotel Hill-Town. (VIP-Road) 0821-718263
Hotel Garden Inn. (Link-Road) 0821-814507
Hotel Palash. (Ambarkhana) 0821-718301.
Hotel Dorga gate (Dorga gate) 0821-717066
Hotel Moon Light. (Zinda Bazar) 0821-714850

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Updated: July 14, 2017

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  1. Due you operate tours at Bichhanakandi and other tourist spots at Sylhet, like, Ratargul, etc. If yes, please reply to my email. A group of 4-5 persons, all senior citizens, want to go in June/Jul.

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