Bhatiary Golf & Country Club – Chittagong

Bhatiary Golf and Country Club are one of the best of the 12 golf clubs in Bangladesh. With a vast size and natural beauty, the club has about 800 members. Bhatiari Golf and Country Club, just 15 km from Chittagong city, is surrounded by nature. A minute’s drive on the Bhatiari-Hathazari road is the beginning of the hilly path in such a way that the visitors are amazed. There are two lakes on both sides of the road. The length of this field formed at the foot of the hill is about 6 thousand yards. There is a sculpture of a golfer in front of the club.

In Sitakunda, Bhatiary Golf Club is one of the most attractive places for travelers covered with natural reservoirs and mountains. Different types and varieties of trees, animals, and birds can be seen here. From this, it is understood that this area is also full of natural beauty. Although the area is under the control of the Bangladesh Military Academy, travelers can visit the area subject to prior permission from the appropriate authorities. You will not be able to bring any camera or recording device when you enter the area and you will not be able to take any pictures of the area. It is the second largest and most attractive golf club in Bangladesh. Various domestic and international golf tournaments are held here throughout the year.

How to get there

Bhatiari Golf and Country Club is located in Sitakunda Upazila, just 15 km from Chittagong city. On the Bhatiari-Hathazari road, the golf club can be reached by car in a minute.

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Updated: July 18, 2022

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