BDR Memorial – Khagrachari

Ramgarh Local Battalion (1795-1860)

This force was formed on 29 June 1795 under the name of Ramgarh Local Battalion. The number of troops was only 448. As the border problem escalated, these forces took part in long-term operations in the hilly areas. The Ramgarh Local Battalion was formed with 4 cannons of 6 pounds and two irregular cavalry.

Frontier Guards (1861-1890)

In 1861, the Ramgarh Local Battalion was reorganized with regular and irregular police forces in the East. Named as the Frontier Guards. The number of members was 1458 and the headquarters was in Chittagong. These included the border outposts of Kamrup, Goalpara, Laxmipur, Sylhet and Tripura. In 1879,The first base was set up at Peelkhana with members of the force in the name of the Special Reserve Company. Since then, the activities of Rifles members in Peelkhana have continued.

 East Pakistan Rifles (1947-1971)

After the partition of India in 1947, the force was renamed the East Pakistan Rifles or EPR for short. A team of Kolkata Metropolitan Armed Police, some Bengalis and one thousand ex-soldiers from the then West Pakistan, joined the force. This force was later reorganized by recruiting another three thousand Bengalis. Officers are recruited from the military in need of efficient leadership and direction. In 1958, this force was given the responsibility of suppressing smuggling. Major Tofail Ahmed, Commander of the 1st Battalion, Brahmanbaria, sacrificed his life in 1958 to defend the sovereignty of the motherland and won the state title Nishan-e-Haider. Platoon Commander Shahid Naik Subedar Mohammad Azam achieved Sitara-e Jurat. 142 members of this force have been awarded the title of National Hero for their special contribution in our great war of liberation. Of them the martyr has been awarded the title of the best posthumous hero Lance Naik Munshi Abdur Rauf and Martyr Lance Naik Nur Mohammad Sheikh. 9 people have been awarded the title of Bir Uttam, 40 people have been awarded the title of Bir Bikram and 91 people have been awarded the title of Bir Pratik.

Bangladesh Rifles or BDR (since 1972)

After the independence of the country, on March 3, 1972, EPR was renamed as BDR (Bangladesh Rifles). There is a beautiful commemorative plaque (BDR Sriti Shoudho) on the occasion of the birth of Bangladesh Rifles at Ramgarh. So that the continuous history of BDR has been narrated through wall paintings.

How to go:

The historic site of the BDR’s birth is located near the Indian border next to the Ramgarh Upazila Parishad.

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